The Hero’s Mom Is An Executive of the Demon King Chapter 9

I was gagged and shoved into a burlap sack.

I couldn’t even put up a good fight as I was bound and held down by two people.

(Let me go! I want to see Ren! (Don’t hurt him!)

“Hmmmmm! uuuuuu! Unnnnnnnnnnnnnn!

“Shut up! Shut up!”

Gah! I heard a thud and I received a hot blow to my head.

A sharp pain came immediately after.

One of the men who had restrained me must have kicked me.

I cried out in tears of throbbing, tingling pain and helpless frustration.

As it was, the two men held me and took me away.

The men punched me every time I flailed or screamed, and at some point, I stopped resisting.

I was thrown into a messy heap, and as I endured the pain in my body, I felt a rumble and a violent shaking.

It was probably a wagon-like object they were transporting me in.

Everything in the burlap bag was uncomfortable anyway.

The areas where my skin came into direct contact with it were tingling and sore from the rubbing, and it was hot and humid.

On top of that, the smell of something grainy was lingering in there and it was hard to breathe.

(Oh, I wish I could take a bath…)

(I’m thirsty and need a cold beer…)

I think I’m used to this.

Even though I  might die soon, that’s what I was thinking about in the burlap sack at the time.

It couldn’t be helped.

My thoughts were paralyzed by pain and fear, something I had never experienced before. It seems to be true that people escape from reality when they are in an extreme situation.

(For snacks edamame would do, I guess.

But the fried chicken with garlic and ginger is also hard to dismiss.

But it is troublesome to make it, and it is too hot to fry.

It’s a lot of washing up to do, so I’ll just make simple chilled tofu.

(Maybe it would be delicious with little green sesame seeds and myoga as a topping)

While I was seriously worried about the pinch, the shaking stopped and I was again carried by the men.

Apparently, we were walking through a forest that was not accessible by wagon.

‘We’ll be fine around here,’

Then, when I was finally let out of the burlap sack, my eyes were met with the open ground and the bones scattered all over the place.

I was horrified and shrank back in horror, but then the men’s voices started to rain down on me.

”She’s too beautiful to be fed to a demon”!

“You’re gonna die anyway, so you don’t mind if we have a little fun with it, do you?”

Men with grins and disgusting laughter reach out.

(I don’t care, bokeh!)

I’d rather bite my tongue and die than let you guys have your way with me!

(But the gag was in the way!)


The hands that reached out to touch me slackened and lost their strength and the men crumpled to the ground.

I looked up and saw Alvin holding a blood-soaked sword.

‘I’m so sorry it had to come to this,’

Alvin knelt down and released my restraints and handed back Ren’s backpack and mine

”You’re right.

We have brought you and your children into our selfish situation.

But it’s also true that we need the strength of the brave in this world.”

Alvin continued with a pained look on his face.

”I promise.

I will take responsibility for your son and raise him to be a fine and brave hero. Therefore… so…”

‘forgive ‘ or  ‘sacrifice’?

I couldn’t hear the words that followed.

I guess he couldn’t say it.

From his point of view, he wouldn’t be able to help me.

But at least he has the sense to be ashamed of his actions and admit his mistakes.

It’s a shame, but after I die, the only way for Ren to survive in this world is to become a hero.

And I know of no one else to whom I can entrust Ren.

“Please take care of my son.”

I lowered my head.

“He’s still a child who doesn’t know any better. Please, help him in many ways.”

Alvin stared at me with a surprised look on his face, then said with a serious look.

‘I swear to protect your son with my life.

(Good I can die with a peace of mind.)

Alvin thanked me and left.

‘Well, I suppose I should go too.”

Sooner or later I would be attacked by a demon, but I didn’t want to die along with the men lying around and end up among these pile of bones.

I carried my own backpack and Ren’s backpack in front of me as I limped deeper into the forest, the opposite direction from Alvin.

My leg throbbed and ached from Liam’s injury. Perhaps he must have hurt him so that he couldn’t escape.

It was disgusting to hear of a man like that being a priest.

“I hope you go bald, smash your little toe against the corner of the wardrobe, and little fish bones get stuck in your throat.” TN: Too Evil for this world

Mumbling curse words, I made my way through the forest and found a pond.

As the sun was beginning to set, I decided to take a break there and unpacked my bags and gathered rocks and twigs to make a kamado. What I had learned in camp came in handy right away.

It was after dark when the kamado was finally made.

I built a fire in the kamado and looked back on the day we went camping and lit the fire.

That’s right, it was just one day since we arrived in the other world.

As soon as we arrived, I was separated from Ren.

There was no time to say goodbye.

Four people have already died.

I myself am just waiting to die.

Such a world where life is so fragile.

Will Ren be able to grow up safely?

As I was lost in thought, I saw a huge black claw appear over the fire.

When I looked up fearfully, my eyes met with a huge lizard that seemed to be two meters long.

“…Amazing. I’ve always wanted to see a dinosaur!”

It was my second escape from reality that day.

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