The Hero’s Mom Is An Executive of the Demon King Chapter 8

(What the hell is this guy talking about?


Didn’t you hear the exchange so far?)




I couldn’t help but stare at Liam’s face as I was too dumbfounded to say anything.


Liam didn’t bother to meet my gaze and continued in a nonchalant manner.




“If I may clarify, your presence is unexpected in every way.


In the first place, it was only the hero, who we summoned in the first place.


But you appeared in this world. Moreover, you remained conscious. We’ve never seen anything like it in our history. You must have a very strong soul. And perhaps under its influence, we have lost two precious summoners.”


“Wait. I’m really sorry for your loss, but please don’t blame me for it. I haven’t done anything to them.”



”And you foresaw the existence of the Demon King. The resurrection of the Demon King happened only recently, and the only people who know about it are those who work at the highest levels of government.”



“No, when it comes to humanity’s crises and bravery, no matter what you think, the Demon King is involved, right?”

Those kinds of stories are popular in comics and video games, though.

It’s usually a secret, but if it’s coming back on a 100-year cycle, who’s to say it couldn’t be expected?”



“And, as I sensed in our earlier exchange, you are a very smart person. You can calmly analyze and understand the information given to you and think for yourself.”



“No, what part of that conversation made you feel calm?”



“I thought you were a messenger who received some kind of power from the Goddess, so I used my mind’s eye for a while to look at you. but it seems I was wrong. I couldn’t sense any power.”



Of course. I’m just an ordinary person.




“The defeat of the Demon King by the hero is essential for maintaining harmony in this world.


Even though the goddess grants special powers, it’s not an easy thing to do, so it requires many years of preparation. We are training our heroes in time for the Demon King’s resurrection.”



”No matter how much of a reason you put forward, what you are doing is ‘kidnapping’ in the eyes of a parent”.


“I don’t think you get it after all”


Liam sighed deeply and stood up and picked up his wand.


“It can’t be helped,”


Liam tapped the floor twice with his cane, signalling at two men who didn’t fit the mood of the temple entered the room.


Then I was quickly bound and rolled over.



“You are intelligent and have a deep affection for your son.

That is why your presence is so dangerous.


Your ideology could disrupt our plan to develop our heroes, and thus affect the harmony of the world.”



Liam looked down at me with a blank expression.


“You are to help me in the first trial of the hero.”



“The first test? What the hell are you going to do to my son…”




Suddenly I screamed as an intense pain shot through my left foot.

Liam’s wand stabbed into my ankle and blood-soaked through my sock.


”Indeed, the circumstances of this world may be none of your business.


But if his mother was killed by a demon, it would be hard to ignore, even for a hero”


Everything went dark as my eyes were filled with despair


TN: Totally have no problem if they get ***** later on.

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