The Hero’s Mom Is An Executive of the Demon King Chapter 7

After being subjected to a long, useless conversation about the history of the country and the greatness of the Goddess, which may or may not be relevant, I came to one conclusion and opened my mouth.


”… In other words, you are telling my son to sacrifice himself, aren’t you?”


“No, we didn’t say anything about…”


“That’s basically what it means!


I was so angry that I interrupted the priest’s words and raised my voice.


The two priests who were present at the discussion with Liam, the priest, were so surprised by my actions that they looked away.

Maybe they, as priests, had never been spoken to in this manner.

But Liam sat quietly at his desk, hands folded in prayer, eyes closed as if in meditation.

I took a deep breath, trying to regain my composure, and said quietly, trying my best.

“With the resurrection of the Demon King, you’ re more threatened by the demons than ever before, aren’t you?”


”That’s right. Under the influence of the Demon King, the demons living in the forest have become extremely dangerous.”


“We must strike them down immediately before they do any more harm to the people. Please understand.”


“Making sure the people are safe is understandable. What I don’t understand is why my son would have to take on that task. He’s just a normal kid who just turned thirteen years old the other day. He doesn’t even have any knowledge of martial arts, let alone magic.”


He was so quiet in kindergarten that the girls made him cry.

“But he is the Goddess’s chosen warrior. Only a hero can defeat the Demon King.”


“How can you be so sure?”


“Because that’s what it says in the written texts.”




The answer was so dumb that I couldn’t help but shout out.


”The Demon King resurrects every 100 years. Our ancestors left us some literature for the next generation. It states that those who are chosen and blessed by the Goddess will gain the rare power to seal the Demon King.”


“….the heroes don’t lose, do they?


“No hero has ever been defeated by the Demon King.”


(I wonder. I don’t know, it’s risky… Is it really safe to believe this?)


“Can we go back to my home world after he defeats the Demon King?”


“Unfortunately, it doesn’t say how to do so.”


(You can’t go home.

Then we’d have to live in this world.

(What’s going to happen to our life security after that and so on?


“What happened to the heroes of the past after they defeated the Demon King?”


“There’s no indication of that either.”




I shouted out for the second time.


“‘No, there usually is, isn’t there?

For example, going  back to his country and marrying a princess, or maybe he lived happily ever after with a large sum of money, and so on and so forth!”


The priests were silent.


”…I’ll ask you something that I don’t understand, what is the reward for defeating the Demon King?”


“He will have the honour of having his name engraved in the temple and will be honoured for generations to come.”




Are you that desperate for honour? (I can’t, I can’t keep my cool.)


“You’re forcefully summoning an innocent child who has nothing to do with this country for your own selfish reasons and make them risk their lives for no compensation?”

What the hell are the leaders of this country doing?

If you knew that the Demon King would return in a 100-year cycle, then you should have been prepared! There was plenty of time and opportunities to organize armies, form alliances with other nations, and learn from the past.

My son and the heroes of the past had their own lives, families and dreams. No one has the right to take that away from them! Don’t you dare push a self-serving mission on him!”


I’m was gasping for air because I was so agitated and infuriated all at once.

Alvin looks at me with a shocked look on his face as I breathe on his shoulder in exasperation, huffing and puffing.

“Very well,”


Liam, who had been sitting quietly until then, opened his mouth.


‘Good, you understand,’ I thought, and then those words rang into my ears that I couldn’t believe.


“That you are just a normal human being with no powers.”


TN: Honestly this chapter got me quite annoyed. What kind of sh**** country is this. or world for that matter

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