The Hero’s Mom Is An Executive of the Demon King Chapter 6

The room we were provided with was simple, just a bed, a round table and a chair, but it was bright and clean.

Alvin carefully lowered Ren on the bed and offered me a chair.


‘You must be tired too, come in.


Thank you.


I unloaded my bags and finally took a breath.

Ren is sleeping well.


“Where are we?


The Temple of the Goddess in Glade, capital of the Kingdom of Abilas.


The kingdom of Abilas… a country I’ve never heard of.


I turned my attention to the view out the window.


The temple seemed to stand on top of a small hill and I could see the city clearly.

It was a stone building, like a medieval European city. There were walls surrounding the city, and beyond that, farmland and forests.

Perhaps this is the construction of a walled city. It’s a complete fantasy world.


”It’s a different world, so how can they communicate?”


Suddenly, a realization occurred to me.


“‘That’s probably because of the Goddess’s blessing.”


Alvin said thoughtfully.


”As you have noticed, you are from another world from our point of view.”

We use the power of the Goddess to open a path to another world and summon the one chosen by the Goddess. In doing so, it is said that the Goddess will give you the reason for our world.


(I see. When I fell into that hole, I was feeling numb and sick because my body wasn’t able to keep up with the vast amount of information.)


So the reason he hasn’t woken up yet is because…


‘It’s because the goddess has given him a blessing. Don’t worry, he should be awake in two days.”


A bagel-head walked into the room.


‘My name is Liam, Priestess. I’d like to talk to you about the future. Follow me.”


As much as I’d like to talk to you, I’m worried about Ren. The priest noticed me glancing at Ren and said smilingly, “Don’t worry.”


‘Don’t worry. You can leave the care of the hero-sama to the maidservant here.


The young girl behind the kappa head bowed modestly.

In her hand, she held a tray with a jug, a cup, and a clean cloth on it.


”…I understand. Could you tell me more about it?”


“Certainly. Alvin will handle the luggage for you.”


“I must protect Ren from this ridiculous world!”


I followed the priest with those intentions.

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