The Hero’s Mom Is An Executive of the Demon King Chapter 5

When you ask someone’s name, isn’t it polite to say your name yourself?


The look on his face as he asks who I am is not friendly by any stretch of the imagination.

But I can’t throw a tantrum here. I need to figure out the situation first.

I was disgusted, but I decided to answer calmly.


“My name is Ichimiya Miho. I’m this child’s mother.”


Ren is still not feeling well, he still wasn’t able to move with his eyes closed.


”Ah, you are the mother of the hero? I’m sorry. You looked so young.”


The man looked blatantly relieved.

Straight blonde hair and a bunhead. Pale light blue eyes.

He has a well-groomed face, but he has a somewhat cold appearance.


”Is he the hero you’ve been referring to earlier?”


“Yes, that’s right. He’s a hero who has the rare power to save our world from crisis.”


(I’m starting to sound like an eighth-grader.)


“Speaking of… world crises, is the Demon King back?”


‘My God! That’s right. As expected of a brave mother. I didn’t expect you to notice that already!


(I wonder… this soft-spoken but condescending feeling. (Is this what being condescending is all about?)


“I’d like to take care of my son for now before we proceed any further.”


“It’s a pity that he has to lie on the cold stone floor like this. His body will get cold.”


“Of course. I’ll have a room ready for you at once.”


As the Okappa Head instructed the people around me, I took my backpack off of Ren’s back to make things a little easier.


”Excuse me,”


With that, the man who carefully picked up Ren was a stocky man in his thirties, with a sturdy body.

He had short, dark brown hair and striking green eyes.

He still looks a bit more sincere compared to his bunhead.


I’m a holy knight and my name is Alvin. Please come this way.


“…Thank you.


I stood up, holding Ren’s luggage with both hands.

Since I was also carrying my own luggage, it was difficult to keep myself balanced and I felt dizzy.

However, no one was willing to help me.


It didn’t take long to leave the hall, I guess, but the stares around me were painful.

I glanced back to see two limp men being carried through another entrance. Probably the ones who had died when they summoned us.


(I don’t remember them at all, but is it my fault…?)


Feeling somewhat uncomfortable, I carried the bags for both of us and followed behind Alvin with tottering footsteps.


TN: So Okappa head. Here is the Google Search: Okappa

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