The Hero’s Mom Is An Executive Of The Demon King Chapter 45

“Miho! Do you know what you’re talking about?”

Shiva grabbed my shoulder. I looked straight back at him.

“I know. I know, and if my life is enough to bring those children back safe and sound, I’m ready to make the difference.”

Shiva’s face had a sad expression, and I was hugged forcefully.

“I didn’t know this was going to happen. How helpless I am…that I can’t protect you myself”

I put my arm around Shiva’s back and patted him gently.

“Thank you, Shiva. I’ll be fine. You and Garon are here with me. I’m not afraid of anything.”

Sensing something in my words, Shiva released me from his arms.

Morris looked down awkwardly.


“Mr Morris. This is very sudden and I need a little time. Would you mind if we went to the Demon King tomorrow night? Can you trust me to not run away?”

“Of course. But are you sure?”

“Yes, tell your Majesty the Demon King that I’ll be there. I swear to the Goddess.”

“…Okay. I’m going to inform the Demon King. I’m really sorry. Now, I’ll be off.”

As Morris closed the door, Shiva turned to me.

“And then? What do you want me to do?”

“Stay by my side while I face that guy. If my heart breaks during the process, I need you to support me.

I was ready for it, But I hadn’t gotten over my fear.

I wasn’t sure I’d be able to maintain my composure if those grey eyes stared at me again.

“You’re welcome.

Shiva said and hugged me again, harder.

The warmth of his body made me feel a little lighter.




The next morning, I stood in the kitchen as usual.

If my strategy failed, this would be the last time I would be able to cook a meal for them.

I found myself cooking their favourite food.

While I cooked, Shiva was quietly pensive, and Garon was restless and uneasy.

Although they were opposites, their reactions to food were the same as usual.

Their eyes sparkled in front of their favourite food, and they smiled happily with each bite, saying, “It’s delicious.

My heart was filled with joy when I saw this.


In the evening, Shiva used spatial magic to connect the door of the kitchen to the door of the audience room.

“I’m ready. should we go?”

After saying that, he turned around and extended his left hand

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath.

The wounds on my body had healed, their smiles recharged my mental state.

We had also been through many scenarios. Shiva would be there with me.

It’s going to be okay. I can do it.


I took Shiva’s hand and stood in front of the door.

“Yes. Let’s go.

When Shiva opened the spatial portal, I looked back at the Garon with a smile.

“I’ll be leaving now. Garon, I’ll be right back.”

Shiva and I left Garon and walked through the door and stood in the audience chamber.

“Shiva, can you close the space and keep him out of there?”

“Yes, but are you sure?”

“Yes. I can’t let Garon barge in like the other day.”

I didn’t want to show him the scene of me being brutally murdered in case the mission fails.

Shiva separated the kitchen door from the audience door, as I requested.

That’s fine. I decided this on my own. There was no way I could escape like the other day.

I took Shiva’s hand and walked in front of the demon king.

The die was cast.


TN: Totally didn’t forget to post the chapter I promised. Orz………………………………………..Forgive me. Anyway, about 3:34 am here. Today should be Thanksgiving for the US peeps. Now, what are you thankful for? And oh btw, we have another Translator joining us soon, yay we’re growing <3

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