The Hero’s Mom Is An Executive Of The Demon King Chapter 43

I watched over her for a day, but there was nothing wrong with Miho’s body.

She was recovering well, but I was still concerned, so I stayed with Garon.

I was surprised to find that Miho’s presence had grown on me as Garon’s did.

It was only after Larson’s “take responsibility” comment did I realize this…

I watched with a smile and a sense of calm as Garon pampering Miho like a child.


“Sorry I’m late. My brothers told me everything was okay, and I’m glad to hear that Miho is better now. How is she feeling?”

In the evening, Morris came to visit.

“Yeah, she’s better now. Thanks to Nils and Larson, too. Come on in.”

“No, that’s fine. I’ve got something to discuss.”

While saying this, Morris looked down, as if he had difficulty saying it.

I had a bad feeling about this

“What’s the matter? You didn’t let the Half Breed bas**rd get away did you?”

“No, it’s not. I handed him over to the Demon King safely. It’s just that…”


Morris exhaled heavily.

“This is the worst. Shiva, as you predicted, that man was involved in the kidnapping of beastmen children. They say he’s making them pro*****te themselves to humans.”

“What? that bastard!”

“Yeah, I tried to get him to tell me where the children were so that I could rescue the victims as soon as possible, but he’s a tough guy… he had a condition before he told us where the children were.”

“The thieving bastard… What are the terms?”

Morris clenched his fists and slumped over.

“…He wants you to give him Miho.”

The blood in my body nearly boiled with rage.

“Don’t be silly. There’s no way I’m going to agree to that!”

“Calm down. I feel the same way!”

Morris also raised his voice.


He said, “When I went to hand that man over to the Demon King, Miho was barely breathing right?”

“I informed them that she was seriously injured and in no condition to move.”

“Then why?!”

“….give me the dead body, he said. The man’s obsession with his prey, Miho, is extraordinary.”

Morris looked like he’d bitten down on a bitter bug.


“That condition made the Demon King angry. It was so bad that it had repercussions on us as well.”

“But it’s all for nought if that scoundrel is dead.”

“Even if I tortured him to make him tell me where the children are, he refused to budge, saying that he has the right to do what he wants with them because they are his prey. Finally, he even swore an oath to the goddess”

“He swore to reveal where the children where if I handed over Miho?”

“As you know an oath to the Goddess can’t be broken”

” If you broke it, you would be killed by your own words as punishment.”

“So the demon king decided to accept the man’s condition.”


“What a scumbag! Were the values of both of their lives compared ?”

“…That’s right. Although Miho is under the protection of the Demon King, she is still human. It was concluded that priority is to be given to the demon’s children and sheltered.”

Suddenly, Morris bowed deeply.

“I’m really sorry. If only I hadn’t invited you to my home, none of this would have happened.”

“I don’t know how to apologize to Miho or to Garon.”

I looked at him with a sense of helplessness.


If this was someone else’s problem, I wouldn’t have opposed the decision of the demon king.

Instead, I would have been convinced that he could save many lives with a small sacrifice.

But Miho was now a member of this family.


She was irreplaceable.

What do I do? (How can I help Miho?)

I could not answer anything and silence fell between us.

The long silence was broken by neither of them.

“Don’t apologize, Mr. Morris. It’s not your fault.”

I turned around and saw Miho standing in the doorway of the room.

Miho smiled wryly, anger in her eyes.

“I’ll go”

TN: Honestly I’m kinda pissed off. I understand why it came to this. However its still BS. anyway, let us move on. this is just dumb tbh.

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