The Hero’s Mom Is An Executive Of The Demon King Chapter 40

Shiva connected the door of the storage shed to his house and hurried to the kitchen to light the fireplace and boil the water.

He then lit the fireplace to warm up the entire room and prepared all the clean clothes he could find and placed them on the table along with herbs and restorative medicines.

When the preparations were complete, he opened the door and saw Garon walking in with tears streaming down his face.

Shiva was shocked to see Garon crying for the first time.

“Garon, it’s okay. Miho will definitely be okay, don’t cry anymore.”

“I’ll put Miho to bed and you can help me.”

As the two of them gently laid Miho down on her stomach, Shiva tore off Miho’s clothes to expose her back.

“It’s just as I thought. The wounds on her back look bad, but they are shallow. The recovery potion should be enough to heal this one.”

Then he selected a bottle of recovery potion and sprinkled it evenly over her back.

“Garon, bring me my tunic. It’s the one without sleeves. I’ll have Miho change.”

When Garon returned to the room with his tunic as he was told, Shiva picked up Miho’s upper body and undressed her.

“I’m sure Miho will be angry with me for undressing her without permission when she gets well.”

“She might refuse to give me snacks as punishment. Garon, you’ll be on my side then, won’t you?

Shiva’s words, though he didn’t know if he was joking or not, took away most of Garon’s fears.

“Yes. I’ll support you.”

“Yeah, that’s reassuring. If Garon is around, I’m sure Miho wouldn’t punish us that severely by limiting our snacks”

Shiva dressed Miho in his tunic and then laid her down on her back.

“The kobold bit her on the calves of both legs, your left arm and your right hand…first we need to disinfect and stop the blood.”

Shiva dipped a cloth in herbal water and put it on each wound.


“Garon, you know what herbs are used to stop the bleeding, don’t you? Yes, that’s it. Grind it up.”

While Garon was grinding the herbs, Shiva was tearing the cloth.

“Grandpa, is this okay?”

“Oh, you’re good at it. Then let’s apply it on the wound.”

Shiva applied the herb to the wound and wrapped the torn cloth around it.

“That’s all you have to do for now. Now we need to warm her up.”

Shiva held Miho in her arms and tried to get her to drink the recovery potion filled with the golden liquid, but it didn’t work.


“…Gallon, can you go heat up some milk for Miho to drink?”


As Garon left the room, Shiva grabbed a bottle of recovery potion and muttered a good excuse.

“Even though it saves lives, it’s not very good for Garon’s education…”

Shiva poured the recovery potion in his mouth and gave it to Miho to drink by mouth.

He heard Miho’s throat make a swallowing sound as she drank it, and he lay her gently on the bed, a blush gradually returned to her cheeks.

Seeing this, Shiva exhaled heavily.

He was relieved and exhausted at the same time, the pressure on him had lessened.

(I’ve done all the first aid I could do. Now I’ll trust in Miho’s life force.)

As he was gently pulling the sheet over her, there was a discreet knock on the door.


He opened the door to find Nils standing there, holding a bottle of pills.

“How’s Miho?”

“A little bit better now. Thank you.”

I brought a few highly effective recovery potions from our house. This purple one is a poison remover, the blue one is a fever reducer, and the green one is a calming one. You can use them if you like.

“Thank you for your help.”

“Let me know if there’s anything you need.”

“Yeah, I’ll be watching over her tonight”

“All right, I’ll tell my brothers. I should go and deal with that food thief.”

Nils said and closed the door.


Shiva had forgotten all about the half-breed adulterer.

Apparently, he was not only a stingy food thief but also a prosti*****n agent.

The fact that he had a lineup of good-looking young women of all races brought him to a realisation.

The information he had received from Morris earlier included the abduction of several humanoid and beastmen children.

There was a possibility that those kidnappings and that half-breed adulterer were connected.

However,  now he was more worried about Miho. Better leave it to Morris and the Demon King to deal with the half breed.


When he returned to the room with the bottle of medicine that Nils gave him, Garon was already waiting with the bottle of warm milk.

“Oh, thank you, Garon. The potion is helping stabilize her condition, so let’s let her sleep for a while.”

“Now that you’re here, you can drink the milk.”

Garon was relieved to see Miho’s reddened face and drank the milk obediently.

“We’ll stay up all night tonight and see how it goes.”

“Grandpa, can I stay here too?

Of course.

The two stayed with Miho all night side-by-side and welcomed the morning.


TN: Hope Miho gets better.

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