The Hero’s Mom Is An Executive of the Demon King Chapter 4

My feet were not on the ground. Or rather, I can’t feel anything.

An uncomfortable floating sensation, like my stomach, was floating softly. It was similar to the feeling of riding a roller coaster.

I couldn’t see anything, couldn’t hear a sound in the darkness, and many times I felt like I was going to faint, but I couldn’t pass out. I can’t feel anything, but I can’t let go of Ren’s arm that holds me.


When I die, I’ll be with him.

I don’t think I’d be able to live on this time without him

I don’t know how long it was, I don’t remember how it was.

As I closed my eyes and endured the dizzying discomfort, I felt something touch my foot.

Fearfully, I opened my eyes and was gradually flooded with light, as if I were going through a tunnel.



Suddenly all my senses returned and I found myself sitting on the stone floor.

The next thing that jumped into my eyes was Ren lying beside me.


‘Ren! Are you okay? Hang on!


I hold Ren in my lap and make sure he’s breathing.


“Ugh… I feel… sick.”


That’s good. He’s alive.

Apparently, he’d just passed out for a little while.

I was relieved and then I lost my strength.

I looked around, holding Ren in my lap.


Apparently, we were in a building of some sort.

There was a round hole in the centre of the high dome-shaped ceiling, through which sunlight was shining.

There is no other window in the building, but it is bright because the walls and pillars are made of white stone, right?


We were on a round stone slab with a diameter of about 3 meters in the centre of the building.

On the tablet, there was a mysterious character that glowed faintly.


(What is this? Maybe a magic circle? (No way!)


People dressed in white robes trimmed in gold stood around the stone table.

Three of these men, each holding a book, a staff, and a blue glowing crystal, held their hands out to us. Their faces appear to be pale, mindlessly.


When the light from the letters on the tablet disappeared, there was a buzzing noise around us.


”Hey, what’s going on? There are two of them.”


A well-dressed, pompous old man pestered the man with the crystal.


“I’m sure it’s a hero, according to the crystal’s reaction. The summoning has been successful.”


“But we’ve got two dead summoners! Why?!”


(What? (Is someone dead?)


“…I don’t know. It’s not the same as summoning a contracted spirit or summoned beast.”


“Perhaps they couldn’t bear the load of transferring the heroes to this side.”


“We didn’t think there would be as much resistance .”


Then the three men looked at me.


(Heroes? summoning? …Resistance?)


I couldn’t keep up with the conversation and was filled with questions, when a man with a cane said, “Who the hell are you?


“Who the hell are you?”

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