The Hero’s Mom Is An Executive Of The Demon King Chapter 39

Garon stood alone at the dock at the entrance of the channel, waiting for everyone to return.

As he stretched out his neck as far as he could and stared into the dark channel, he noticed a small light in the distance, which was getting closer and closer, and the return of a boat.

Garon was delighted to find Shiva and Miho on board.

“Grandpa! Miho!”

He called out to them with a wave of his hand, but no one responded.

Miho did not look at him. she was held by Shiva and did not move, not even a twitch.

Garon was curious and looked closer and noticed that Shiva’s expression was grim in the light.

Nils manoeuvred the oars and quietly brought the boat up to the dock.

Garon was stunned to find that Miho’s back was in tatters as Shiva held her.

(Lie, no way…)

“Grandpa, Miho…?”

“She’s still breathing. Garon, take care of Miho. Hold her gently so the wounds on her back don’t get touched.”

Garon held out his hands to receive Miho, but the coldness of her body startled him and he lost his voice.

“I’m sorry, Nils, do you have any rooms that you are not using? I want to connect that door to our door.”

“Turn right down this corridor and you’ll see a storage shed. It’s the closest from here. Use it at as you please.”

“Thank you. Garon, go ahead and take Miho with you, ill be there soon. There’s no need to rush. Just walk slowly so you don’t shake her too much.”

Shiva said this to Garon and ran off.

Garon did as he was told, walking slowly and cautiously as he spoke to Miho.

‘Miho, we’re going home. Grandpa will connect the space and the door with magic, so we can go home soon.”

The wet hair stuck to Miho’s bloodied white cheeks, unmoving with her eyes closed.

He wanted to brush it off, but he couldn’t because he was holding her with both hands.

Normally he could do it easily because he carried her with his left arm, but now he couldn’t even do such a small thing, which made Garon sad.

(She was fine when she left the house this morning. we were all laughing so happily together not long ago.)

He didn’t understand why things would turn like this. A large teardrop spilt from Garon’s eye.

“It’s okay. Grandpa will help you. Because he’s my grandpa.”

Muttering to himself, Nils could no longer watch Garon’s back as he walked slowly and with care for Miho.

”I’ll bring all the recovery potions in my house!”

With that, Nils ran off.

“You’ll be fine, Miho. You will feel better soon. We will take care of you.”

Garon walked to the door where Shiva was waiting, talking to Miho.

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