The Hero’s Mom Is An Executive Of The Demon King Chapter 35

POV: Shiva

We were all drinking comfortably when Larson jumped into the hall with a murderous expression.

“Brother! Come on! Miho has been kidnapped!”

“What? Larson, what’s going on?”

“They are the cause of this!”

In Larson’s outstretched hand, there was a kobold hanging upside down.

‘These are the ones who were raiding the food. There were quite a few of them there. They made a hole in the pantry.”

“Miho was attacked for flour and dragged into the hole. The hole was too small for me to follow, sorry.”

I sobered up at once.

“Where did it happen?”

A single kobold is not much of a problem, but in a group, it becomes tricky. They are omnivores and will eat anything. Some of them prefer to eat their prey while it’s still alive. They have no weapons, and Miho is good food for them.

They ran out of the hall.

“Come on,”

Larson led me to see the devastation of the pantry and I knew what had happened.

The kobolds must have bitten Miho, injured her and weakened her before dragging her into the hole.

The bloodstains on the wall around the side hole were probably the marks of Miho’s resistance to being pulled in.

I had put Miho’s life in danger while I was drinking so peacefully.

I was disappointed in myself.

“No,” he said, “the hole is too small for us. I’m sure it leads to a space in the cave, but that doesn’t mean it’s dug straight through. We’ll have to search the surrounding area to find out what’s going on.”

“I’ll bring you a map.”

Nils ran to Morris’s words.

That’s right. It’s not too late.

They liked to eat their food in a safe place where they will not be disturbed. We must hurry and rescue her.

“Hey! Where does this hole lead to! Say it now!”

Larson was interrogating the kobold, but the kobold only grins and gives a disgusting smile.

He’s enjoying seeing us getting impatient.

“Give me that guy,”

Larson flinched a little when I held out my hand but quickly handed the imp over.

“Don’t kill it. I still have questions to ask it.”

Of course, I would not kill it until he heard the necessary information.

With my left hand, I grabbed both of the kobold’s thin legs and made eye contact with it.

The kobold was still grinning.

If you look closely, you could see that its teeth were stained red with blood, and its fingernails were tangled with black hair.

The core of my head went cold with anger.

Without realizing it, I had frozen the kobold’s feet without realizing it.

“Where does this hole lead to?”

The imp did not answer.

It made a fearful face and struggled to escape in a panic.

Seeing his face, I regained some composure.

There was something like a thought/spiritual awareness clinging to the kobold’s body.

“You’re not the only ones doing this, are you? Who sent you?”

With a crunch, the frost eroded the body of the kobold, but the kobold would still not answer.

………Or couldn’t answer.

“…I will have to look for myself if you don’t want to answer.”

Holding my right hand over the head of the kobold I pulled the image directly from its brain.

Torchlight. Underground canal. A low-ceilinged space. A man with red hair…

The memory of the kobold was vividly visible.

The kobold’s body convulsed, and it passed out with his eyes white and foam coming out of his mouth.

The information was forcibly pulled out of his brain against his will, so the damage to its body must have been significant.

At the very least, I froze the unconscious kobold and put it in a state of suspended animation.

“I know where it is. It looks like they used an underground canal to get there.”

“… It seems that a half-powered half-breed imposter is pulling the strings.”


The kobolds were raiding the food at the behest of a red-haired man, probably a half-breed of demon and human.

It seems that the half-breed impostor was using his thoughts to manipulate the kobold and steal food from the surrounding dwarves.

Miho was not the target of the attack; she was just in the wrong place at the time when they were stealing flour.

It would be nice if the half-breeds would leave Miho behind, but kobolds have a tendency to get very attached to their prey.

If they escaped and brought her back to the nest, she might be eaten alive.

(I won’t let that happen.)

“Let’s hurry. Miho is waiting.”

I told Morris what I saw and ran to block their escape route.

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