The Hero’s Mom Is An Executive Of The Demon King Chapter 34



Suddenly I heard a shout and turned around to see Miho being attacked by a small kobold.

Lately, we’ve been having problems with people raiding the food supply of the dwarves living around here, but it must be them.

They finally appeared in my house and attacked my guests without warning.

The three kobolds are clinging to the cowering Miho, biting her legs, pulling her hair, and biting her hand that is protecting her head.

“You rats! I won’t forgive you!”

As I grabbed the frying pan and swung it around, the kobolds broke away from Miho’s body in a flash and fled in different directions.

Their small, swiftly fleeing bodies made it difficult to catch them.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Miho sitting slumped against the wall of the pantry.

(Oh no, I’ll have to get her patched up soon.)

Yes, I thought in my head, but my desire to catch at least one kobold prevailed.

I hadn’t known the culprit of the food raiding until now, but I didn’t think it was a kobold.

In terms of the hierarchy within the demons, kobolds are lower in rank than dwarves, and they live in a different place.

The fighting power of each of them is low, and if you can catch them, you can crush them with your bare hands.

Their intelligence is low, but they have the instinct to avoid danger. They won’t go out of their way to pick a fight with us.

(There must be something more to it.)

I finally caught up with one of the kobolds at the wall.

I’ve been chasing it for a while now, and I’ve learned to read its behavioural pattern.

It might be different for each individual, but this one had a habit of escaping to the lower right.

A frying pan to its head had it sprawling on the ground.

I grabbed both of the kobold’s legs with one hand, hung him upside down, and looked back towards the pantry.

“Sorry to keep you waiting, I need to get you patched up now…”

But when I looked back, Miho wasn’t there. She should have been sitting there a moment ago.



When I ran to the pantry, the floor was strewn with spilt flour and was completely white, but only a part of the floor was visible, and there was a trail that looked like something had been dragged.

As I followed the trail, I saw a small hole in the wall behind the bag of flour, and if I looked closely, I could see that there were streaks of blood on the wall next to the hole.

Probably the fingerprints of Miho’s fingers as she fought to avoid being dragged through the hole.

“Damn! they’ve got her!”

The hole was so small and wide that I couldn’t get in.

I gave up chasing after it and ran to the hall to call for help.

“Brother! Come on! Miho has been kidnapped!”

“What? Larson, what’s going on?”

They all stood up with murderous gazes.

“It’s them!”

I stuck out the kobold hanging upside down.

“These are the ones who were raiding the food. There were several of them. They made a hole in the pantry.

Miho was attacked for flour and dragged into the hole. The hole was too small for me to follow, sorry.

“Where was it?”

Shiva was the first to jump out.

‘This way,”


Shiva gritted his teeth at the devastation of the pantry.

Morris looked into the hole and then stood up, shaking his head.

“No,'” he said, “the hole is too small for us to follow. I think it leads to a space somewhere in the cave, but it’s not always straight ahead. We’ll have to search the surrounding area to find out what’s going on.”

“I’ll bring you a map.”

Nils went running.

“Hey! Where does this hole lead to! Say it now!”

I interrogated the kobold, matching his face to my own eye level, but the kobold only grinned and gave a disgusting smile.

“Give me that guy,”

Shiva held out one arm with glittering, angry eyes, and I gave it to him obediently.

“I won’t kill it. I still have questions to ask it.”

Shiva grabbed the kobold’s slender legs with his left hand, and from there, its feet began to freeze.

The kobold’s face, which had been grinning, pulled back in fear.

“Where does this hole lead to?”

With a crunching sound, the kobold panicked in fear as the frost eroded its body.

“You’re not alone in this, are you? Who sent you?”

The kobold struggled to escape, but its lower body was frozen and couldn’t move.

“….I guess ill have to see for myself if you don’t want to answer.”

Shiva placed his right hand on the kobold’s head.

Soon the kobold’s body convulsed, its eyes rolled back and foam spilt out of its mouth.

Shiva trapped the unconscious kobold completely in the ice and then threw him out of the way.

” I know where they are, they seem to have travelled through an underground canal.”

“… It seems to be a half-breed freak pulling the strings.”

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