The Hero’s Mom Is An Executive Of The Demon King Chapter 33

On the day of visiting Morris’ house, I prepared a lot of snacks as promised.

Marinated vegetables, bean and boiled egg salad, fried chicken.

As expected, Shiva and Garon were delighted when I gave them a sata andagi before frying the chicken. They liked the texture of the crispy surface.

TN: sata andagi = click here to view

I have a habit of making a lot of food when I’m making fried food.

Since I made too much today, I decided to add it to my gift to Morris.

I put the marinated vegetables in a jar and the salad in a bowl with a lid in a basket with a handle, covered it with a cloth, and had Shiva hold it for me.

The fried vegetables and sata andagi were each placed in a deep dish and then covered with aluminium foil, wrapped in a cloth and packed in a backpack for me to carry.

I wasn’t worried that the smell will seep into the backpack, but it’s to prevent the Garon from picking at it.

“I’ll take it.”

As I expected, Garon reached for the backpack, smiling, and I rejected him with a smile.

“No. I’ll take this one. And then you can carry me. Then it’ll be the same thing, right?”

“…? Is it? Okay then.”

Garon tilted his head to the side and thought about it, but he still carried me obediently.

Garon’s left arm was becoming my means of transportation whenever we went out.




Morris lived in a huge limestone cave in the mountains.

He was waiting at the entrance for us to arrive and greeted us warmly with a wave of his hand.

I got off the Garon and said hello to Morris.

“Hello, Morris. Thank you for inviting me.”

“Hi, must have a been a long trip, come in and rest”

The inside of the cave was large and beautiful.

The ceilings and walls were the same as nature’s mysterious formations, but the corridors and stairs have been modified by Morris’ family to make them more livable.

Plants and mushrooms with a greenish glow were growing here and there, illuminating the area underfoot.

In the corridor, there were flowers in bloom at about two meters in height, at even intervals, which served as a light.

After a short while, we came to a large space with several wooden doors.

“First, let me show you to the hall. Let me introduce you to my brothers.”


With that said, he opened one of the doors, and inside was a large, cosy-looking room.

There was a large wooden table in the centre, and two dwarves, who looked a lot like Morris, were sitting there.

“These are my brothers, Nils and Larson. You both know Shiva, don’t you?”

“This is Garon, and this is Miho.”

“Hello. I hope I’m not intruding”

When I greeted them, both Nils and Larson stood up and returned the greeting.


“It’s very kind of you. I’m Nils. Welcome to my home.”

“The name is Larson. I was looking forward to meeting you when my brother told me about you. I heard you gave that Berger a run for his money.”

“Aha, so you say”

Apparently, that day had become famous among the demons.

Berger might resent me for embarrassing him

(I wonder if I’ll be safe the next time I see him… I’m afraid.)

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