The Hero’s Mom Is An Executive Of The Demon King Chapter 29

Are humans really so dangerous and abhorrent to demons?

I was shocked by Shiva’s words.

”But demons do attack and eat humans, right?”

“They don’t like to attack and eat anything.”

“They’re not trying to attack us or eat us, they’re just trying to wreak havoc on our territory. They’re not going to take it easy on you if you’re armed and ready to kill them. We risk our lives too.”


“That’s right. The proof of this is that no demon has ever invaded a human country.”

If they wanted to attack us as bait, all they had to do was climb over their city walls.

“Isn’t there some kind of strong warding that prevents you from getting in?”

”A low-rank demon might be affected a little.”

“But those wards are filled with many flaws, almost ineffective”

Shiva snickered.

“Honey, what would you do if a stranger walked into your house and suddenly attacked you with a weapon?”

“Run away.”

“What if your kids were attacked?”

“I’d kill you if I had to stab you in the back!”

”It’s the same for us. Even non-verbal demon beast have a parent-child relationship.

“Humans will go for the weakest ones. A demon beasts children are a perfect target.”

“If a demon beast parent saw their children being attacked by humans and they retaliated in rage.. are they really considered evil?”

I silently shook my head as I imagined the scene.

“But not for those who have lost their friends and family. Now they come back in droves to avenge their loved ones. That’s how the negative cycle has been going on for years.”

I couldn’t say anything anymore. Shiva was right. There is neither good nor bad in the exchange of life.

Until now, I had a self-serving image of ‘demons = evil’.

But that image was created by someone who got it from a game, a novel or a comic book.

I looked at Garon.

I know the sadness and loneliness of not being understood for being different from others. He’s an honest child who can eat good food and be happy, laugh when he’s happy, and get angry for someone else.

I know this because I’ve spent time with them. They are not evil. They are just like us.

“But then why did you help me? You don’t like humans, do you?”

“It’s just as I explained to the Demon King. ‘It’s because of Garon.”

“You’re the first human he’s ever seen in his life.”

“You’re were different from what I heard, and that’s why I was curious.”

Oh, by the way, “Are you really human?” he asked. TN:  ああ、そういえば「お前人間か?」って聞かれたっけ。

“And you don’t use magic stones,’ he said.”

“You do all the cooking, washing and cleaning with your own hands.”

“That alone is enough to make me like you.”

Demon stones…

I won’t know how they are using it without actually seeing it, but they may be using it as a source of energy, like electricity. If so, it’s understandable that they need it to make their lives more convenient.

But does the average person really know how they are made?

At least I didn’t want to use it after hearing Shiva’s story.

I hope that one day demons and people will be able to understand each other.

If possible, before Ren gets involved in the war …

Oh, Ren. Please don’t become a hero.

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