The Hero’s Mom Is An Executive Of The Demon King Chapter 28

We were then allowed to go home and left the audience room.

Confused by the Demon King’s words, I drank a cup of tea to try to calm myself down.

I suddenly remembered the priest’s words.

”Under the influence of the Demon King, the demons living in the forest have become extremely dangerous.”

This would mean that the Dark Era had come and the goddess’s blessing was given to the demons.

And the demon king would be sealed up at the end of the Dark Era when the goddess’s blessing was also weakening.

However, Ren was forcefully summoned by the priests who violated the rules.

In other words, the defeat of the Demon King by the heroes, which was supposed to be in accordance with the plan, could be nullified in this case.

When I came to that point, I turned pale.

”After all, it’s those priests’ fault for everything!

Bang! I banged the table violently and the sound startled Garon, who jumped with a jolt and slammed his head against the ceiling.

Shiva looked at me accusingly as he patted the cowering Garon’s head.

“What’s up with you all of a sudden?”

”Because originally, the heroes wouldn’t descend until 50 years later, and the Demon King would be able to seal them off with his consent, right?

It’s a race to the finish, so to speak.

“That’s right.”

”But this time, the priests forced things to speed up.”

“However, there’s no need for the Demon King to respond to that, right?”

“Well, yeah.”

“What about Ren? What about my son?”

“I mean, he is the hero, but there’s always the possibility of payback, right?”

“If there’s a war or something, then he might… die.”

Shiva and Garon panicked as I cried out in shock at my words.

”Calm down. It’s not that there’s no possibility of war, but at least we won’t initiate it.”

“What do you mean?”

“Humans call us demons a dangerous race, but humans are a threat to us as well.”

The demon king will take revenge for us. however, he won’t do anything unnecessary to put us in danger while under his protection.”

“Demons are much stronger than humans, right? Why would a human be a threat?”

“Ordinary people can’t use magic.

“But if you have a lump of magic power called a magic stone, anyone can use magic.”

“There are two ways to get the magic stone….one is to excavate the magic stone mash from a vein of ore.”

“One is to unearth magical stones from a vein of ore.”

“Well, it’s hard for humans to stay there for long because it’s a place full of miasma.”

“The other way is when the demon dies.”

“We have a source of magic called the demon nucleus inside our bodies, but when we die, our bodies will disappear and turn into demon stones or pebbles.

“Depending on the nature and level of the demon, the colour of the demon stone and the magic that can be used will also be different”

“Humans seek out demons for a convenient life, and they risk it all to hunt down demons.”

Shiva sighed.


‘That’s why humans are so dangerous and abhorrent to us.”

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