The Hero’s Mom Is An Executive Of The Demon King Chapter 27

“I accept that Miho will live in the forest, but we still have a problem. Shiva, you understand, don’t you?”

When the Demon King said that, Shiva replied with a nervous look on his face.

”Yes. I am prepared to take any punishment.”

(What? What? Shiva was going to be punished?)

Garon and I looked at each other.

”You should have informed us about the descent of the heroes as soon as possible, even if we had to keep Miho out of it. However, the timing of the descent was too early for it to be possible.”

When Shiva said this, the Demon King put his hand over his mouth and thought about it.

“Indeed. To descend so soon after I woke up in half a month… I can’t blame you for thinking it was impossible.”

The Demon King looked at me.

“Miho. Tell me more about what happened when you were summoned here.”

It sounds kind of serious. I have to be as concise and clear as possible.


“My son and I were walking together when he suddenly fell into a black hole that appeared in front of us and I grabbed his arm as he was being pulled down. So I fell into the hole with him.”

“I held on, trying not to pass out in the space where there was no sound, smell or anything else, and before I knew it, I was sitting on the round stone tablet of the temple. My son was unconscious, but I was conscious.”

“At that time, two summoners died to replace us, but the priest told me that it was my fault. He said it was due to the load I was carrying by coming with me when I should have summoned only my son, a brave man.”

When I remembered the priest’s face and the words, I was disgusted.

‘The priests said that because the world’s harmony is disrupted by the resurrection of the Demon King, they plan to summon the one chosen by the Goddess as a hero and spend many years training him.

My son was asleep while I was being briefed by the priests, but they told me that he was probably under the influence of the Goddess’s blessing.

The executives in the hall buzzed again.

”Are you saying that someone other than the hero has descended to the stone tablet of the temple?”

“If you say you’ve been blessed by a goddess, you must be a brave man.”

“But isn’t it too early to tell?”


The silence returned again with a word from the Demon King.

”Now we know that this time the descent of the heroes wasn’t the will of the goddess.”

“I heard that the fools in the temple forcibly summoned the heroes themselves.”

“It’s disgusting to hear that they ignored the will of the goddess and yet wanted to maintain harmony in the world.”

The Demon King snickered with a cold look in his eyes.

”Fifty years of the Light era, the humans should have done as they pleased.”

“Why couldn’t they wait for just fifty years when the Dark era was next?”

“Apparently, they’ve misunderstood the will of the goddess for their own convenience.”

“They are foolish enough to try to pick a fight with me now that I’ve just woken up and am full of magical power.”

The demon king looked at Shiva again.

“Shiva,” he said. “Your punishment is up to you. I don’t want you to lose your ability to fight.

As an officer of the court, you will do everything in your power to live up to your name.”

“I’m sorry, sir.”

(What? I didn’t know that Shiva was an executive. It didn’t look like he was working at all.)

But still, what does it mean that the temple is disregarding the will of the goddess?

(Light era or Dark … I don’t understand)

As I was thinking about it, unable to follow the conversation, the Demon King called out to me.

“Miho. Your explanation was quite good. Thanks to you, we now know that the descent of the heroes wasn’t the will of the goddess.”

“Um, with all due respect, may I ask you a question?”

“Yes, you may.”

“I was told by a priest that the defeat of the Demon King by a hero was necessary to maintain harmony in the world, is that a lie”

The Demon King laughed and replied to my question.

“Not a lie. It is embedded into the harmony of the world that I am to be defeated by the hero.”


-There is no record of a brave man being defeated by a demon king so far.-

The priest’s words at that time flashed through my mind.

“You’re from a different world, no wonder you can’t understand it. Shiva, explain it to her.”

Shiva turned to me.

“This world was created by a goddess. A long time ago, demons and humans lived together.”

“However, at one point, the humans formed a party and established a nation of only humans and drove the demons out of the country.”

“The goddess was saddened by this and decided to give each of them 50 years to maintain the balance of power.”

“However, humans are more vulnerable and have a shorter life span than us demons. So when the balance of power between the races changed, the goddess sent down an hero of her own choosing to shut down the demon king.”

“The fifty years of the Demon King’s existence was the ‘Dark Era’, a period in which we demons became more powerful.”

“The fifty years until the Demon King is sealed by the heroes and resurrected is the ‘Light Era’, when our power will be weakened and human beings will have more scope.”

The Demon King took over the conversation.

“The humans have apparently forgotten about it.”

“They thought they were the only ones with the goddess’s blessing by having chosen heroes descend”

The demon king looked around at everyone in the hall and said.

“It is now the Dark Era. The blessing of the goddess descends on us equally.”

“I will remind the humans that we are also the children of the goddess.”

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