The Hero’s Mom Is An Executive Of The Demon King Chapter 26

The two of us were playing parent and child, as if we each fill in the missing pieces, though we don’t mention it to each other. I am loving Garon instead of Ren and Garon is spoiling me instead of his mother.

Shiva said that Garon is a good listening child.

After my husband died, Ren also became a good listener.

I don’t think he’s aware of it, but I’m sure it’s proof of his loneliness. I think it’s a child’s instinct to miss the love their parents give them.


If you were here right now, I’d like to hug you with all my heart.

I’m sure he’d be embarrassed and hate it, but… I’m sure that he wouldnt really hate it, though.


“What’s the pudding?”

With a nice assist from Garon, the Demon King showed interest in Pudding.

Alright, here’s your chance to regain your honour! The rest is up to Shiva’s presentation.

”It’s one of the dishes Miho makes, and it’s a favourite dish of mine and Garon’s, but we rarely get to eat it. Today, I asked her to make it especially for us as a gift to the Demon King, and I brought it here.”

As Shiva held up a basket of pudding, one of the executives stepped out to receive it.

”There are nine in all. There is one for everyone. I can test them for poison if you want?”

“Oh, Grandpa, that’s not fair. I want one too!”

…the two of them were a greedy pair. They’re not even related, but that’s the kind of thing they do.

“I don’t think it’s necessary, but I’ll take it first just in case. It was made by someone who would use condiments as a weapon afterall.”

A short, bearded, long-bearded, humanoid demon stepped forward. It must be a dwarf. He accepted a bowl of pudding and looked with interest at the aluminium foil used as a lid.

“What’s this? It’s as thin as paper, but it’s also like a mirror. I’ve never seen anything like it. What is it made of?”

The dwarf asked me a question. I didn’t expect him to be interested in aluminium foil.

Let’s see, is aluminium foil a product name? It’s also called silver paper, but that was another generic term…

“It’s called aluminium foil. I don’t know much about it, but I think it’s made of a mineral called aluminium stretched thin. It’s a good conductor of heat and doesn’t allow moisture to pass through, so it’s used for wrapping food and cooking.”

The dwarf took the foil off the cups, but he didn’t touch the pudding for any length of time. He was impressed by how thin the aluminium foil was, and surprised that he could tear it off with his hands.

This is made of minerals? It’s an amazing feat of technology. It looks like they have a more advanced civilization than our own.

I didn’t know that aluminium foil alone would show that our civilization was better than theirs.

He seemed to be an observant and intelligent man.

When he finally took a spoonful and took a bite of his pudding, he looked at me in surprise.

“It’s good. What is this made of?”

“Eggs, milk and sugar.”

“I didn’t know you could make something like that with just those ingredients.”

The dwarf turned to the Demon King.

”Demon King-sama. It is safe to eat. May I recommend it to the others?”

“Do what you will.”

The pudding went to the Demon King and all the executives.

The tiger called Berger smelled the pudding when it was handed to him and looked at me suspiciously, but when he took a bite, he seemed to like it and ate it up in no time at all.

“I see. I hear it’s not just for Garon. You look like you’ve been grabbed by the stomach.”

The Demon King said with amusement.

Sheesh. I got distracted by Berger and missed the rare sight of the Demon King eating the pudding. At any rate, though, the pudding seemed to be to his liking, so that was good.

”Yes. If possible, I hope you will allow me to keep Miho in my home as it is.”

When Shiva said that and bowed his head, the dwarf advanced in front of the Demon King.

”Demon King, I too am becoming interested in this human. The civilization and technology of her world are amazing. I would like to hear many stories from her and incorporate them into our technology.”

Oh! Covering fire from an unexpected source!

“Okay. Very well. From this day forward, I hereby declare Miho Ichimiya under my protection and allow her to live in the forest.”

Yes! It’s accepted! I can continue to live with Shiva and Garon. We can live!

The chances of seeing Ren again have increased!

“Thank you, sir.”

“Thank you for your wisdom.

“Thank you, my Demon Lord.”

After the three of us each said a few words of thanks, Garon and I hugged each other again.

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