The Hero’s Mom Is An Executive Of The Demon King Chapter 24

A quiet but dignified voice made the tiger stop moving. Does that mean it’s the Demon King?

When I looked to the back of the hall where I heard the voices, I saw several demons around the throne, looking at us. They were probably the demon king’s entourage and executives. The throne was still too dark to see.

”Shiva! Garon is fine!

Worried about Garon, I left the kitchen and rushed to Shiva and Garon’s side.

Shiva had cast a recovery spell, or perhaps the wound on his chest had been sealed up nicely, but Garon was leaning against a pillar and meditating.

”I’ve sealed the wound now, so you’ll be fine. It was reckless of you to go towards an opponent who was higher in rank than you. It’s like you’ve been saved because the other guy took it easy on you. I told you to stay put.

“I’m sorry, Grandpa.”

Apparently, Garon was just dreading being scolded by Shiva. I was relieved to find out that he was safe.

“Hey, you don’t have to talk to him like that. Garon, Thank you for saving me. It was cool.”

Then he nodded his head and Garon opened his eyes and looked at me.

“But I lost,”

“Yes. But even though you knew they were stronger than you, you still went over there to save me, right? Garon is a hero to me.”

“Well… Okay. Good. You’re…? It’s weird. It feels good to lose.”

Garon’s eyes narrowed happily.

(Ahhhh! (My boy is so cute!!!)

As I was impressed by Garon’s candour, I was lightly poked by Shiva.

“You too. How reckless of you.”

“But when I saw that Garon was hurt… I was upset…”

“I told you not to cause trouble… how could you go on such a rampage?”

Shiva sighed deeply.

(No, then Shiva should have done something about it quickly…?)

“It was nothing to worry about. We’re going to pay our respects to the Devil King. Come along, Garon. Neither of you opens your mouths until I or the Demon King gives you permission to do so.”

With that, he walked toward the throne ahead of us.

I joined hands with the Garon and we proceeded down the hall, side by side.

I felt the eyes of the entourage beaming at me.

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