The Hero’s Mom Is An Executive Of The Demon King Chapter 23


The moment our eyes met, a huge bipedal tiger with glowing eyes jumped at me with its huge mouth open.

My mind went blank and I couldn’t move as quickly as I would have liked.

Had I remained in place, I would have fallen completely prey to its ferocious claws.

That didn’t happen, thanks to Shiva pulling my arm back to avoid it.

And it was Garon who stopped the tiger from attacking me again.

He jumped out of the kitchen and tackled the tiger at breakneck speed.

The tiger was taken by surprise, and his momentum sent him crashing into one of the pillars. He cowered and didn’t move, as if he had suffered a concussion.

”Miho, come on!”

In the meantime, Garon picked me up in his left arm and tried to get back to the kitchen.

But the tiger, angry at being interrupted, wouldn’t let him.

I was blocked from going right in front of the door and it glared at Garon.

The tiger wrinkled the head of its nose and bared its fangs in a threatening manner.

‘Get out of my way, kid! Give me that human. I’ll tear you to pieces and eat you!


From the aura that this tiger was radiating, he was probably higher in rank and strength than Garon.

However, Garon glared back at his higher-ranked opponent without flinching an inch, setting me down and sheltering me behind him.

”Cheeky. I’ll tear it out of you first!

The tiger pounced on Garon.

Garon caught it head-on and rolled to the floor.

When the tiger bit into Garon’s right shoulder as he rolled on the floor, Garon bit the tiger in a losing effort.

The stalemate continued, and at that moment, I jumped into the kitchen.

I didn’t do it to escape, but to fight.

I quickly grabbed the bottle I wanted from the basket of condiments and stood in front of the door.

I saw the tiger’s claws slice through the Garon’s shoulder and a red streak spread out.

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1 year ago

The kitchen holds the most non-lethal items to bring suffering to your assailant, stock up today~