The Hero’s Mom Is An Executive Of The Demon King Chapter 21

“An audience with the Demon King? Why do I need to go with you?

Such a frightening existence that I would not want to be involved with if I could.

“I was going to report on you at some point. However, I got a call from the other side about you.”

“What? How did he know I existed?”

When I asked that in surprise, Shiva looked back at me with a dumbfounded look on his face.

“Have you forgotten what you did the other day? Even during the daytime, You made so much noise in the forest.”

“You made quite impossible for a demon in this forest to not know about you, a human living in our house.”

That being said, I remembered the events I had locked out of my memory.

…… I honestly didn’t want to remember. The thing about the abominable forest baptism I received that day.




“Miho, can you make something out of this?”

The fruit Garon brought home that day was a green grape grain. They were grapes themselves in taste and smell.

But they were surprisingly large. Each grape was about the size of a tennis ball.

I was so happy when I imagined myself eating such a large grape ……

I love grapes. Every year, I looked forward to going to pick grapes.

While I was munching on grapes, a mosaic popped into my head.

It depicted two men carrying huge bunches of grapes with a stick, and I believe it was about 1500 years old. I think the picture referred to an Old Testament story.

(No way, that’s real? I want to see it! (I want to see it now!!!)

“Garon, please! Take me tomorrow to the place where these berries are growing!”

Furiously wanting to pick huge grapes, I asked Garon to help me out.


“Miho, you can barely walk yet, can you? If something happened, you wouldn’t be able to escape, would you?”

Shiva wanted to stop me from going out with that, but my resolve was firm.

“It’s okay! I’ll be riding on Garon the whole time!”

“What!  Really!”

“I’ll make your lunch and we’ll eat outside. I’ll put in some fried eggs and other fried food you like.”

“Really? Okay, we’ll take care of it!”

Oh, well, all right, I guess I’ll just have to go along for the ride.


(No, I didn’t ask Shiva to do that, though? (This guy got baited with a lunchbox.)


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1 year ago

Huh, she found Shiva somewhat attractive, if a bit disappointing. Kind of wonder if there’s a possibility for a slow romance down the line.

1 year ago

And the next night, the neighbors took drills…