The Hero’s Mom Is An Executive Of The Demon King Chapter 20

The strategy to capture their stomach was a huge success. I was …… too much of a tease.

I made a quick pancake using the flour Shiva had bought me, fresh milk, and the eggs Garon had brought home, felt quite awkward.

(No, they weren’t bad, they were really tasty. As expected of I)

Garon was immediately hooked on the texture and gentle taste of this sweet treat for the first time, and he ate it up as soon as it was made.


And with a pleasant smile on his face, he brought his plate.

As a cook, his reaction pleased me, so I added nuts and fruit sauce to the plate.

As a result, I had to bake nearly fifty sheets of cake for a long time.

Shiva, perhaps because he didn’t want to see me, finished his portion and went away.

But he still ate five pieces: …..

Yes, that’s it.

“It’s good. I love it. You should do it again.”

(….. honestly, I didn’t want to make any more pancakes for a while.)

(Yeah, but I’d like them  to try some of my other dishes, so let’s see.)

I thought Garon was a carnivore, but surprisingly, he seems to eat everything.

Anyway, I’ll make what I want to eat with the ingredients we have in this world and see how it goes.

From what I’ve heard, you can also get dairy products like butter and cheese.

The buildings are similar, and the food culture seems to be similar to that of Europe.

If I could get butter, I can bake bread and make pastries such as cookies and cakes.

As I was washing up, Shiva came back with a bottle of milk in his right hand and flour and sugar in his left.

I felt mildly giddy as I saw his eyes shine with anticipation.

(…… hmmm, do we both have a sweet tooth?)

I looked at the Dutch oven on hand and thought about it.

(There’s one of the recipes that came with this one when I bought it that I’d like to try …)

I have all the ingredients and the recipe memorised into my head.

(The portions and heat might be tricky, but I’ll give it a shot.)


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