The Hero’s Mom Is An Executive Of The Demon King Chapter 17

Liam’s POV

It is said that this world was created by a goddess.

Even today, it is believed that the world is still harmonious thanks to the blessings of the goddess.

The reason why no one doubted this is because of the existence of the Book of Goddesses in the Temple of the Goddesses in the Kingdom of Abilas.

Several times a year, the Book of Goddesses contains an oracle of the goddess, but due to the enchantment in the Book, it is usually not possible to open it.

Only the priests of the Kingdom of Abilas are able to open the book and read the oracle.

A priest with an oracle, or the ‘Word of the Goddess’, is sometimes more powerful than the king and has the power to run the country.

For this reason, the priests of the Kingdom of Abilas are chosen directly by the Goddess.

Liam was called the Goddess’s beloved son because he was excellent and lovely looking as a child.

But he didn’t act snobby and always treated people in a humble manner.

After being recruited by the temple as a priesthood apprentice, he put more effort into his faith and service to the people than ever before.

As a result, he became the youngest person ever to be appointed to the priesthood at the young age of 30.

This wasn’t what he wanted.

One day, his predecessor announced that he was going to resign from his position as a priest.

Many priests went to the Book of Goddesses to view the content, but none of them was able to open it.

Finally, Liam picked up the Book of Goddesses and it opened slowly in purple light.

What was written inside were words that made no sense.

Without knowing what they were, he told the words to the previous priest, who nodded deeply and handed over the priest’s symbolic gong staff to Liam.

That meaningless word was the password to the path to the Priestess.

When the previous generation learned the password from the oracle of the Book of Goddesses, they realized that the next priest appeared and decided to resign from their positions.


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