The Hero’s Mom Is An Executive Of The Demon King Chapter 14

When I woke up, I saw a close-up of Garon directly in front of me.

“Wow, that was a surprise!”

Apparently, he was waiting for me to wake up now and was peeking in.

“Did you sleep well? Are you hungry? Would you like to have some of this?”

Apparently, Garon was willing to take care of me responsibly. He asks me a lot of questions as he shows me the fruit in his hand.

“Good morning. Thanks to you, I slept well. I’m going to wash my face and get dressed for now.”

The bed Garon had made for me was a thick cloth inside of a round bird’s nest shape made of straw, and to be honest, it wasn’t very comfortable to sleep in, but I was physically and mentally exhausted, so I slept like a log.

On second thought, I had spent the night in a demon’s dwelling.

And to sleep so comfortably that I didn’t even realize I was being watched, my nerves were so thick or something…

There was a stand next to the bed in which there was a basin filled with water.

Thank God Shiva was around. Apparently, this kind of lifestyle is similar to humans.

I took out a change of clothes and other things from my backpack to make myself look presentable and freshen up.

(It’s a good thing I brought an extra set of clothes. For now, I’ll just change out of my T-shirt and wash it later.)

When I was about to brush my hair while thinking about this, I noticed that the barrette I was wearing around my left ear was missing.

It was a gift from Ren for my birthday last year. It was designed with large and small woven freshwater pearls in pale pink and white and was well-liked by those around me.

I remember him saying, “I was a little embarrassed when I bought it because there were all these women.”

Still, I was happy that Ren had worked so hard to pick it out for me, and I wore it like a good luck charm.

I hurriedly checked my bed, but it was nowhere to be found.

(Did it fall when I was shoved into the sack? (Or did I drop it in the woods?)

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