The Hero’s Mom Is An Executive Of The Demon King Chapter 13

Shiva said, “I won’t take care of her,” but he treated my wound well.

”It’s not impossible to use recovery magic, but I’m afraid of the side effects. I’m better at attack-type black magic.”

Shiva said as he wrapped a bandage around his ankle, which was covered with a blood-stopping herb, with a twirl of bandages.

“Garon is a victim of my recovery magic, so to speak.

That child, who had just hatched from an egg, was trampled to death by a magical beast.

I took pity on him, so I cast a recovery spell on him. It saved that child’s life, but…”

Shiva looked at Garon, who was excitedly preparing my bunk.

“The side effects have changed the colour of his scales and doubled the size of his body.”

“The scales of that child’s race are usually brown or grey in colour and their height is smaller than mine. However, he so grew fast, and in just 10 years he became ah.”

“I was always on my own, moving from place to place, So I decided to take him in and raise him.”

“Wow, Really?”

Are humans and monsters the same to discriminate on the basis of their appearance?

Even though it’s not his own fault.

(Garon must have been having a hard time too.)

Shiva said a good-natured smile to me, who was feeling quite sad.

”If you don’t mind, I can cast a recovery spell on you?”

“No, thank you.”

“I don’t want to be huge and green.”

“…Hmm? Wait, did you just say 10 years? You keep calling him”That child”…”

“How old is a Garon?”

“Thirteen years old this year.”

(Thirteen?) (Same age as Ren!)

“You’re kidding! I can’t believe he’s the same age as my son!”

“What? You have a kid?”

We were both surprised at different vectors and shouted at each other.

“Thirteen years old is a growth period when you’re human…”

“He’s growing up now. He’s always hungry and doesn’t seem to be getting enough to eat.”

(Oh, I knew you were approaching me with the intention of eating me at first.

But still…)

Is he going to grow bigger?

“Yeah. I’m going to need a bigger bedroom.”

I hope we don’t have to renovate the house.

Shiva sighed and gave a distant look.

The idea of emergency food might not be a joke.

From tomorrow, I must provide a satisfying meal for them.

Unaware of my feelings, He was pleased to see that he had made a good bed.

TN: Reach 20th chapter tonight?? maybe??

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