The Hero’s Mom Is An Executive Of The Demon King Chapter 12

“Let’s get out of here before the smell of blood draws others to us.”

The dinosaur dude ran through the forest with me in his left arm and his pack in his right arm at a very fast pace.

I was helpless, and I clung to him desperately to keep it from shaking me off.

Along the way, we were attacked by a pack of dog-zombie-like demons, but the dinosaur-thing didn’t slow down its running speed and reamed them off with its spiky tail.

“Wow! Strong! Cool!”

“Oh, yeah? So cool aren’t I?”

The dinosaur look-alike squinted at me happily.

“Already, my fear of him was gone.”

As he said, don’t worry, he doesn’t look like he’s going to eat me.

It’s humiliating to be kept by a demon, but maybe I’ll be able to survive.

I was expecting him to live in a cave or something, but his residence was surprisingly an ordinary house.

The stone walls were covered with ivy and the roof was covered with white flowers.

I was surprised to see that the house looked like an insta-worthy house, like something you’d find in the European countryside.

When he dropped me off and opened the door, he said triumphantly, “I’m home, Gramps”.

‘Grandpa, I’m home.

“Hey, I picked this thing up. let us keep it!”

Then he let me into the house.

I was surprised to see the person he called Gramps. He was a very handsome young man who looked to be in his twenties for all intents and purposes.

He had brown skin and long, straight, silvery-white hair. Cool eyes with golden iris.

A long, loose-fitting moss green tunic and knitted sandals that went well with his slender frame.

The handsome man took one look at me and said sardonically, “No.”

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