The Hero’s Mom Is An Executive of the Demon King Chapter 11

This Chapter is from Alvins POV


“So you mean, you’re telling my son to die, aren’t you?


I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard those words.

I had only thought that she should have  been grateful for the honour of having her son chosen as a hero.


(What a rude woman.

What an attitude to show to the priest.

Her hair was short and her clothes looked like a man’s, she looked nothingg like a woman.

(I doubt that she’s the mother of the hero .)


Yes, those were my thoughts.

Until I heard her next words.


“You’re forcefully summoning an innocent child who has nothing to do with this country for your own selfish reasons and make them risk their lives for no compensation?”

What the hell are the leaders of this country doing?

If you knew that the Demon King would return in a 100-year cycle, then you should have been prepared! There was plenty of time and opportunities to organize armies, form alliances with other nations, and learn from the past.

My son and the heroes of the past had their own lives, families and dreams. No one has the right to take that away from them! Don’t you dare push a self-serving mission on him!”


I was shocked.


Since I was a child, I had been told the story of the hero defeating the Demon King.

A brave man chosen by the goddess and given a rare power to save people and bring peace to the world.

I took it as it was and never even questioned it.


She was right.

It’s absurd to put the world’s crisis on the shoulders of a single child.

Without his consent, they forcibly summoned him here and assign him a mission as a hero .

The boy’s body that she held to care for him was small and light.

It’s natural for her to be angry, as a mother.

Come to think of it, even though I knew the names of the heroes of the past, no one knew the stories that followed.

Why hadn’t I thought of this?

I wonder what happened to them.

I hadn’t even bothered to think about it until now.

I’m ashamed of myself for taking the benefits of heroes for granted.


When I was thinking that, I heard the priest’s voice.


“You are intelligent and have deep affection for your son. That is why your presence is so dangerous.

Your ideology could disrupt our plan to cultivate brave men and, by extension disrupt the harmony of the world.

I ask you to help us in the first test of bravery.”


Then I saw an incredible sight.

Two men walked into the room and in no time at all, they had her bound.

And then, unexpectedly, the priest stabbed her leg, which was bound, with his staff.

What in the world is going on?


“Indeed, the circumstances of this world may be none of your business. But if his mother was killed by a demon, it would be hard to ignore, even for a hero.”

I couldn’t believe my ears. It was hard to believe that these were the words of a respected priest.


She was roughly shoved into a burlap sack by the men.


“Take her away”


The men left the room under the orders of the priest. If he didn’t need tell them where to take her, then it must have all been planned.


“Did you plan to kill her from the beginning?”

I asked

“No… I would have avoided it if I could have.

But, unfortunately, she didn’t understand.

She’s right.

We’re going to sacrifice a boy for selfish reasons.

That is an undeniable fact.

But we have no choice but to keep peace in the world.

I want to protect the people who live in this country and this world that the Goddess has created.

Alvin, as a holy knight, you understand, don’t you?”


“I… Yes.”


“See to it that they do their job well.

Her death, was by mistake, it must not involve humans.

The mother of the hero will be killed by demons.”


I understand.


I took her luggage and followed them.


Her untimely death will be told to future generations.

The story of the hero who overcame his mother’s death and defeated the demon king would bring tears to their eyes and people would love him.


Was our peace built on someone else’s sacrifice?

I felt like the world I believed in was crumbling beneath my feet.

I followed them to the Forest of No Return.

where a number of travellers and adventurers who made a living slaying demons had lost their lives.


”She’s too beautiful to be fed to the demons, isn’t she?”


“You’re gonna die anyway, so you don’t mind if we have a little fun with it, do you?”


I heard the men’s vile voices.


(I can’t let this happen. I won’t let them defile her.)


There was no hesitation when I killed the men.

The bodies would be dealt with by the demons lurking in the forest.


She was covered in wounds.

Blood was caked on her forehead and there were bruises all over the place.

Most of all, the wound on her leg that she had received from the Priestess looked the most painful


“I’m so sorry it had to come to this,”


I apologized sincerely as I released her restraints.


“You’re right.

We have brought you and your children into our selfish situation.

But it’s also true that we need the strength of the hero in this world.

I promise you.

I will take responsibility for raising your son to be a fine and brave man. Therefore… so…”

I couldn’t tell her to forgive me.

No matter how much I tried to mend my words, in the end I was asking her to die.


She bowed her head to me.

“Please take care of my son.

He’s still a child who doesn’t know any better. Please, help him in many ways.”


I was shocked again.

She didn’t even beg for her life or ask for “help”.

Even before she died, she was worried about her child’s future and entrusted me with that task.

What a brilliant woman.


“I pledge to protect your son with my life.”


She laughed with real pleasure at my words.

I thought she was more beautiful than any other woman I’d ever met, ever.


I bowed and moved away from her.

Once I turned around, I saw her walking into the depths of the forest, carrying her bags and limping away.

No one had made it past the night of the Forest of No Return alive.

She would eventually be devoured to death by the demons who smelled blood.

I returned to the temple and reported that she had disappeared deep into the forest.




The next day, when I went to the place where I left her, I found the men I had killed reduced to nothing but bones.

She must have suffered the same fate somewhere.

My heart throbbed at the thought.

A burlap bag that had been cruelly torn apart was at my feet.

When I picked it up, I found the hair clip she had been wearing that day.

I put it away carefully.


When the hero wakes up, I will give it to him as a memento.

As promised, I’ll protect him with my life and raise him to be a fine brave man.

This is my duty as a holy knight and the least I can do for her.


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