The Hero’s Mom Is An Executive of the Demon King Chapter 10

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t scared.

But the excitement of seeing an unknown creature larger than myself up close and personal was more than enough to win me over.


He was exactly like a dinosaur.

His entire body was covered in spiky armour-like scales, and the back of his flat head was covered in spike-like projections. The ventral side of his body was a dark cream colour, and his backside was a beautiful green. It was covered with spines up to the tip of its tail and had sharp claws, which looked frightening, but its black eyes, which were looking at me curiously, were round and charming.


(Beautiful creature.)


As I was vaguely thinking about it, the dinosaur-like creature suddenly opened its mouth.


“Am I cool? Do you really think I look like a dragon?”

(TN: said dragon here, however, I think its dinosaur. anyways.. still a monster)

I was surprised. The predator was talking to me in a friendly manner.


“Yeah. You look strong and very cool.”


The dinosaur dude squinted happily at me when I told him what I honestly thought.


“You’re a human? Why aren’t you running? Aren’t you afraid of me?”


“I’m tired. I can’t move. My leg is hurt. I’m hungry.”


To put it into words, the fatigue and hunger were even worse.

I hadn’t eaten or drunk anything since the breakfast we had had at the campsite. I didn’t even have the energy to run away.


“Are you hungry?”


The dinosaur dude rummaged through the bag he was carrying and pulled something out of it.


“Want some?”


What was offered to me was a yellow fruit the size of a volleyball.

The sweet aroma made me gulp involuntarily.




As I took a bite, an elegant sweetness similar to that of a peach spread through my mouth.

The lush juice of the fruit sunk down my throat.


“It’s 〜〜〜〜〜 delicious!”


The dinosaur dude looked at me for a while as I gobbled and devoured the fruit.


“Thank you for the meal. Thank you. It was very delicious. It brought me back to life.”


(I’m about to be eaten to death.

I wanted to have some onigiri for my last supper, but this fruit was very good too.

Yeah, it’s not bad. (I wouldn’t mind being eaten by this guy.) TN: Keep it Pg13 >.>


When I had made up my mind, the dinosaur said to me,

“I’ve decided. I’ve decided that I’m going to take care of you from now on. Don’t worry.”


(…no, I’m just anxious…)

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