S Rank Adventurer Deported For Innocent Charges Chapter 84

As always, the reception room of the royal palace always got one nervous.

It was not a bad idea to have a good time.

For now, she sat down on the sofa and waited for His Majesty to arrive.

After waiting for a few minutes, the door to the parlour was opened.

“Sorry to have kept you waiting”

With that, His Majesty came into the parlour.

At that moment, Alise got up from the sofa.

”No, it’s me too, I apologize for the sudden visit.”

“That’s fine. You’re an important person in our country. Let’s take as much time as we can.”

His Majesty sat down on the sofa facing Alise.

Then he motioned to Alise to sit down as well.

“Excuse me.”

Alise sat down on the sofa.

There was a cup of tea placed in front of her and His Majesty.


“So, it’s unusual for you to come all the way out here to visit me alone.”

His Majesty said as he sipped his tea.

Indeed, this may be the first time she had been here alone.

Until now, the Marquis always accompanied her.

“Yes. I’m here because His Majesty told me earlier that I could call my family.”

“How about that? What’s going on?”

His Majesty asked Alise in a soft tone

When she heard this, it seemed that she lost the awareness that she was talking to the king of a country.

“I received a letter back from my sister. Here is the letter.”

Alise opened the letter sent by her sister from the inside pocket of her coat and showed it to His Majesty.

The King went through the letter in its entirety.

“I see. I understand. I’ll send someone to escort your sister.”

His Majesty said so.

Then he returned the letter he had finished reading to Alise.

“Will that be okay”

Alise was surprised because she did not expect His Majesty to go that far.

“It is your sister of all people. That much is natural.”

His Majesty said that he would send a messenger from the royal palace to the address written in the letter.

He asked Alise to tell her by letter.

‘Thank you. My best regards to you.’

From there, Arise talked about what happened in the labyrinth city, a brief update, and some small talk, and then left the palace.


When she left the palace, it was dusk.

As if His Majesty didn’t talk enough, when he does, he speaks for a long time.

She was caught again today and was released at this time.

He was not a bad person, he is a good king, but sometimes it hurts that he talks so much and talks so long.

She walked out of the palace and back to her mansion.

“I’m back,”

She opened the front door of the mansion and go in.

“Welcome back. You’re a bit late.”

Rogel greeted her.

“I was caught up in a long story with His Majesty.”

Alise said with a bitter smile.

”It’s true that once he starts talking, he goes on for a long time.”

Rogel spoke as if he knew the length of His Majesty’s story.

This man still had many mysteries to him.

When Alice returned to her room, she took a brush to write a letter to her sister.



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