S Rank Adventurer Deported For Innocent Charges Chapter 83

Upon returning from the Marquis mansion, Alise decided to go to bed early.

For the first time in a long time, she could sleep in her own bed.

After all, a familiar bed was the easiest to sleep in.

After changing out of her usual adventurer’s attire into her pyjamas, Alise lay down on her bed.

Then she closed her eyes and eventually let go of her consciousness.

The next morning, the light coming in through the window cooled her eyes.

The mornings had been noticeably colder lately.

“Quite a bit a chilly in here”

Alise put on her coat and headed for the living room.

Since she went to bed early yesterday, she woke up refreshed and well-rested.

“Good morning. You’re up early.”

Cecile walked into the living room and stopped cleaning and said,

“Your meal is ready. Would you like to eat?”

“That’ll be great. Thank you.”

With that said, Alise took her place at the table.

She began to eat her breakfast, which was lined up on the table.

She only took a few minutes to finish her breakfast.


“Miss, I have a letter for you.”

After finishing breakfast, Rogel came to Alise with a letter in his hand.

“Thank you very much,”

Alise received the letter from Rogel.

The sealwax emblem was familiar from somewhere.

With that thought in mind, Alice opened the envelope neatly.


The sender of the letter was Alise’s sister.

The letter she sent to her sister before going to the labyrinth city was returned to her.

It contained information about her sister’s recent activities.

It also stated that she would like to move to the city if possible.

Apparently, her relatives had died and she was living on her own.

She had heard that they are struggling with heavy taxes and poor security in the Kingdom of Murren.


“I’m going to the palace.”

When she finished reading the letter, Alise said to Rogel.

She wanted to talk to His Majesty.

It would be quicker to talk to him if she went in person.

Alise went back to her room once to change.

After changing into her usual adventurer outfit, she left the mansion.

From there, she walked to the royal palace.

After a few minutes of walking, she arrived in front of the royal palace.

This was indeed the Royal Palace.

The level of security has become even tighter.

“I’d like to see His Majesty the King,’

Alise presented the guard knight with a jet-black guild card and a card with the marquis’ family crest.

When he saw it, the knight’s expression changed.

“I’ll notify him immediately”

He saluted vigorously and left, taking turns at his post.


Then, after a few minutes of waiting, the knight came back.

“His Majesty the King will see you now, Miss,”  he said. I will take you to him.”

Alise was ushered into the royal palace by a knight.

Normally, an audience would be granted after proper formalities, but Alise was an exception.

“Please wait here,”

She was ushered into the parlour by an attendant of the palace.

Alise sat on the sofa and waited for His Majesty the King.


TN: Slow updates Ik, apologies. things will pick up again soon.

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