S Rank Adventurer Deported For Innocent Charges Chapter 82

As soon as she finished talking with Rogel and the others, they ate their meals.

When she finished eating, Alise got ready to go out.

She had to go to the Marquis to thank him for the carriage and report her return.

It was almost evening time

If she didn’t go right now, the sun would set.


“I’m heading out now”

Alise threw on her coat on and said to Rogel.

“Alright. Take care of yourself.”

She left the mansion as she was seen off by Rogel

From there, she began to walk towards the Marquis’ mansion.

The Marquis’ mansion was located near the royal palace.

It showed the high status of the marquis, a marquis.

By the way, the closer you got to the royal palace, the more expensive the land was.


“I am here to see Marquis Dion.”

Alise called out to the guards as they arrived in front of the Marquis’ house.

“I’ll take you there, Miss”

A guard soldier directed her towards the Marquis.

Alice was known to the guard soldiers, perhaps because her face was fairly widespread in the royal capital, or because she frequently visited the Marquis family.

Probably the latter reason.


“Here you are. Please come in”

A soldier on guard opened the gate for her.

As it was, the door of the mansion was opened.

The squire ushered her into the parlour.

“Could you wait here, please?”

“I understand.”

Alise was left alone in the parlour.

As usual, there was furniture that may or may not be in good taste.

Well, she was sure they were expensive.


“Sorry to keep you waiting,”

As she was sitting on the sofa looking around at the furniture, the door of the parlour opened and the Marquis entered.

You could see from his words and actions that he seemed to be a little tired.

“No, I’m fine. Are you tired?”

“Yeah, I’ve been very busy lately.”

When it came to the senior aristocracy of a country, there must be a lot of hardship.

It was a world event that Alise did not understand.

Well, it was said that an S-ranked adventurer could have an opinion on national politics, but unfortunately, she had little interest in politics.


“So, I’m here to thank you for the carriage .”

“Oh, don’t worry about it. Did you just arrive today?”

The Marquis sat down on the sofa facing Alise and asked,

“Yes, I just got back.”

“That’s good to hear. Did you enjoy the labyrinth city?”

“Yeah, well, I’ve experienced it for myself.”

Alise told the Marquis the whole story of what happened in the labyrinth city.

I’m sure you’ll be surprised at the fact that you were able to capture the S-class designated labyrinth for a few hours, but the conversation settled on the fact that Alise would be able to do it.

“I’m glad you’re back,” he said, “I’ve been informed by Erich about the journey. I’m glad it was a safe trip”

The Marquis smiled and said.

“Yes, I really appreciate it. The Marquis should also get some rest once in a while.”

Alise expressed her gratitude and left the Mansion.


TN: Power outage today, really slow day. updating more tomorrow. 0rz

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