S rank Adventurer Deported for Innocent Charges Chapter 8

The carriage stopped in front of the large mansion and the carriage door was opened.


Rolf reached out and took Sophie by the hand and helped her down.


Alise didn’t need any help and jumped straight down.


‘Come on, Alice-sama, please follow me”

“Alright then.”


Rolf prompted her to enter the mansion.


“Would you mind waiting in here for a moment?


“Sure thing”.


She was ushered into what looked like a parlour.


Alise casually looked around the room.


The furnishings were all immediately recognizable as expensive.


”Sorry to keep you waiting,”


After a few minutes of waiting, a tall, white-haired man, like Sophie, walked in.


Sophie was following from behind.


“My name is Dion Odin. Thank you for taking care of my daughter”.


When he said his name was Dion, he bowed his head.


‘Please lift your head. I couldn’t turn a blind eye towards what was happening. it would affect my conscience”


“Thank you.”


As he said this, Marquis Dion sat down to face Alise.


‘I haven’t told you my name yet, have I? My name is Alise Bate.”

“Alise Bate?”


The Marquis’s expression changed when Alise said her name.


”Father, do you know her?”

‘Miss Alise, may I ask where you are from?’

“The Kingdom of Mullen, but what of it?”

“I knew it was that Alise Bate: ……”


Marquis Dion looked somewhat convinced.


”Um, you know me?”

“Excuse me. Alise Bate, Chief of Operations of the Kingdom of Mullen, is well known. I’ve heard lots about you”


“I learned that Alise’s abilities were important to the country.”

”So how could that most powerful chief of staff be all by herself?”

“Well, actually, the thing is: ……


Alise told him everything that had happened in the Kingdom of Mullen, in a hushed manner.


“That’s a tough one ……”


“How awful……”


Dion and Sophie contorted their faces.


‘Will you believe me, please?’

It was an unexpected reaction for Alise, who thought she might be kicked out if she found out that she was a chief of staff of another country.


”No matter the reason, Alise-dono is my daughter’s benefactor. Of course, I would trust you.”


“Thank you.”

“Does Miss Alise have any plans for the future?”


The Marquis asked.


‘Hmm. For now, I thought I’d register as an adventurer.”

‘Right, right. That’s going to be interesting.”


When he said that, Marquis Dion laughed.


”This is the reward for the escort this time”.

Marquis Dion handed over a leather bag with gold coins in it. At a quick glance, there were about 30 pieces in it.


”Oh, this is a bit much isn’t it?”


“The Marquis household has a reputation to uphold. I hope you understand.”


“Got it. I appreciate it.”


Alise received it and tucked it away in the inside pocket of her coat, which she wore.”


‘”It’s dark now. You should stay the night.”


” You don’t have to do that. I don’t want to be a burden to you”.


“Don’t worry about it. You have nowhere else to turn.”


“Alright, I’ll take you up on your offer.”


Alise accepted the Marquis’ goodwill and decided to stay the night.


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