S Rank Adventurer Deported For Innocent Charges Chapter 79

The next day, when Alise woke up, Erich had come downstairs to pick her up.

After finishing her own preparations, Alise put on her long coat and left the room.

“Good morning. Alise-sama.”

“Good morning. I look forward to travelling with you today.”

She was told that Erich would be the coachman on the return trip as well.

With Erich’s skills as a coachman, she would be able to return to the capital by tomorrow.

She had to say goodbye to the short labyrinth city life for a while


Also, the labyrinth that Alise investigated was officially recognized as an S-class labyrinth as of this morning.

Well, it was a labyrinth ordinary adventurers couldn’t afford to enter, so that was only natural.

“Then, let’s head home”

“I’ll be right with you. Please get in”

In front of the inn, there was a carriage with the crest of the Marquis family on it.

She got into the carriage with the help of Erich.

As usual, it was a comfortable carriage, as it was arranged by the Marquis.


“Setting off.”

At Erich’s words, the carriage slowly started to move forward.

And just like that, the carriage went through the centre of the labyrinth city and out of the city through the entrance for nobles.

From there, the paved road continued for a while.

Alise felt her eyelids get heavier as the carriage swayed left and right.

“Alise-sama, it will still take some time to get to the next city, so you may rest.”

She was not sure if he was aware of her situation, but Erich called out to her.

I’m sure you can say that it’s just a matter of time before he realized.

“I will go ahead then”

Alise closed her eyes on the spot and let go of her consciousness.

This exquisite swaying was pleasantly encouraging her to sleep.

From there, the carriage went on without stopping.

It was basically unstoppable due to the fact that it had the crest of the marquis’ family.

Well, it did stand out tho.


“I see you’ve slept for quite a while”

Physically, she felt like she had slept for about three hours.

If the carriage hadn’t stopped during that time, then Erich was very impressive.

It’s not surprising that being a carriage driver was a very nerve-racking experience.

In modern times, it would be similar to driving a car, which could also be nerve-wracking if you spent a long time in it.

Well, there was a difference, but it was still nerve-wracking.

“Alise-sama, I think the carriage will be shaking a lot from here on out, so please be careful.”

“I understand.”

Apparently, they had entered an unpaved road.

The further you left away from the big cities, the more unpaved these roads became.

Perhaps the country and the city couldn’t afford to go that far.

From there, the shaking itself became intense, but she didn’t feel that much discomfort.

She wondered if this was part of Erich’s skill as a Coachman.


TN: Caught up to the Author…….. :D. Focusing on the Hero Mom one tomorrow. Spots still open for people wanting to host their translations

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