S Rank Adventurer Deported For Innocent Charges Chapter 78

The labyrinth that Alise investigated was most likely to be certified as an S-class designated labyrinth based on its difficulty and the strength of the labyrinth’s guardians and magical beasts.

Alise had defeated the guardian, and she was sure that a new guardian was being created by the mana of the labyrinth by now.

That is what the labyrinth was all about.

Defeating them once was not the end of the story.

Even if you defeated them, new monsters would be born after a while.

That’s why they say it’s a good place for adventurers to level up.

”Well then, we will decide on the rank of the labyrinth after discussing it”

Hearing Alise’s investigation report, the guild branch head started compiling the documents

The rank of the labyrinth would be determined tomorrow.

”Oh, and there’s also this…”

Alise put her hand in her magic bag and took out the OwlBear’s nucleus and placed it on the desk.

The nucleus, which was larger than Alise’s head, was sitting right there on the desk

“What is this, hey, what is ……?'”

The guild branch leader was unable to close his open mouth.

Gilmas seemed tired, and could no longer afford to be surprised.

“It’s the nucleus of the OwlBear, would you be willing to buy it?”

“I’d like to say, “Of course,” but even our guild doesn’t have that much money.”

Essentially, each chapter’s guild had a service that bought magical beast nuclei from adventurers.

There were many adventurers who made a living by doing this.

The current situation was that the reward for accomplishing the request was not enough.

The guild branch of the Labyrinth City Guild was one of the three largest guilds among the branches.

If even the Labyrinth City Guild couldn’t afford to buy it, then this nucleus was worth a really sizeable amount.

”Then I’ll buy the nucleus from you.”

Gilmas, who was sitting next to her, said.

The guild headquarters in the royal capital would have the budget to buy this.

“I understand. Thank you.”

“Mm, when you return to the Royal capital, send it to the purchase desk at the headquarters.”


Having said that much, Arise plunged the OwlBear’s nucleus back into her magic bag.

“Well, I’ll take my leave now.”

Then Arise stood up.

“Yes, thank you for your hard work. So when will you return to the Royal Capital?”

The head of the guild branch asked Alise.

“I’ll stay the night and return tomorrow”

Alise had decided to return to the Royal Capital tomorrow

“I understand, thank you for the help, and let me know if you need anything”

“Yes, and it’s my pleasure.”

After saying this, Alise left the office of the head of the Labyrinth City Guild branch.

TN: Did you notice the recruitment menu at the top? 😀

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