S Rank Adventurer Deported For Innocent Charges Chapter 77

Gilmas and the head of the Labyrinth City Guild branch seemed tired of being surprised.

Or maybe they were just too shocked.

“The guardian was a red dragon. What’s more, you’ve defeated it: ・・・・・・”

Gilmas said, holding his own forehead with his right hand.

“Huh, I didn’t expect you to be that skilled: ・・・・・・”

The Red Dragon was the highest-ranked demonic beast with an S-class designation.

No, you could say they were a demonic race.

Red dragons were close to other demonic beasts and had a will.

They didn’t speak human language, but just the fact that they had a will of their own was enough to make them a troublesome opponent.

The fact that it could be defeated so easily was not a normal thing.

“I have proof, do you want to see it?”

Alise suggested to Gilmas and the others.

After all, it would be better to have proof that she defeated it properly and captured the labyrinth.


“So, then, will you show us?”

The head of the guild branch sitting across from Alise said.

The tone was more like a curious one.

“I understand,”

As she said this, Alise stuck her hand into her magic bag.

From there, she grabbed the head of the Red Dragon, which would be proof.


The Red Dragon’s severed head was placed on the table.

It was a bizarre sight to behold.

“Heh. ・・・・・・”

The guild branch head was speechless

Or, was it fair to say that he didn’t know how to react?

“Hahahahaha !!!!”

Gilmas was laughing hysterically next to him.

Indeed, this situation could only be laughed at.

“Eh, what’s funny?”

Alise asked them.

As for herself, she only brought the entire head because it was too much trouble to take out the nucleus.

“No, no matter how big the world is, you’re the only one who would cut off the head of a red dragon and bring it back.”

Gilmas said, still laughing.

That’s not so funny, is it?

“Yeah, right?”

For Alise, this was just the easiest way.


“And for now, would you mind putting it away?”

The head of the guild chapter turned to Alise and said reservedly.

“I understand,”

Alise grabbed the Red Dragon’s head and shoved it back into the magic bag.

“It’s an amazing sight, though,”

Gilmour said, looking at the sight of the Red Dragon’s head being put away.

That would be the case.

From the slender arms and good looks of Alice, it was a completely mismatched scene.

For the time being, Alice thrust the Red Dragon’s head back into the magic bag.

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