S Rank Adventurer Deported For Innocent Charges Chapter 74

The Red Dragon was still showing its intent to fight.

It was not just a matter of being certified as an S-class demonic beast.

Yes, they don’t seem to give up easily.

However, one of the wings had been cut off and both its eyes are pierced with swords.

Clearly, the Red Dragon’s movements had become sluggish.

”I hope you’ll give up by now, though!”

Alise maintained her battle stance while muttering such things.

Standing at a distance beyond where the Red Dragon’s flames could not reach.

In the meantime, it was blowing out flames indiscriminately.

She must absolutely avoid making direct contact with them.

Alise was sure it could burn without leaving anything behind.

“Let’s go.”

Alise re-positioned her sword.

She saw the timing of the release of flames from the Red Dragon’s mouth stop and closed the gap at once.


Closing the distance in one fell swoop, Alise swung her sword.

As she swung her sword at the same time as she leapt, the other wing of the red dragon was cut off.


The Red Dragon roared.

And flames were released from its mouth without care.

Alise leapt backwards to keep her distance from the Red Dragon and escape the fire attack.


”Well, it’s time for us to end this.”

Alise raised the corners of her mouth a little.

At this moment, Alise’s victory was almost set in stone.


Alise watched for the right moment when the flames subsided.

Then, for a moment, the Red Dragon had an opening.


“This is the end”


Alise closed the distance between her and the Red Dragon.

With that, Alise leapt to the top of the Red Dragon’s head


Alise swung the sword into the neck of the Red Dragon.

It is hard, as expected.

However, Alice did not seem to be deterred by it.


The Red Dragon bellowed a bit pathetically.

Still, Alise did not relax the power she put into her sword.

And not even thirty seconds later, the Red Dragon’s head was severed.

The red dragon, whose torso and head was separated, never moved again

“It’s over,”


As expected, Alise was a little out of breath too.

Alise looked up from the Red Dragon’s detached neck.

“This is a hassle, so let’s take it home as it is.”

Alise shoved the Red Dragon’s head straight into the magic bag.

Then, after sheathing the sword, Alise decided to leave the labyrinth.

“Well, let’s go home,”

Alise brushed the dust from her coat.

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