S Rank Adventurer Deported For Innocent Charges Chapter 72

Alise stepped into the 8th level.

The concentration of mana had risen dramatically, and Alice’s search magic was being hindered.

Even if one had the magical power of Alice, they would still be affected, you can see that this took a considerable amount of concentration.

Probably was a level that ordinary adventurers could only faint and collapse.

“For the time being, I’d like to get this floor out of the way.”

When the mana density was this high, the enemies were expected to be strong.

The honest truth is that you want to refrain from engaging in combat as much as possible.

Unnecessary battles will only sap your energy and have no advantage.


“I’m not sure I have a choice.”


Alise narrowed the detection range of the enemy search magic as a measure of pain.

However, this increased her sensing level.

She wouldn’t miss the sign of a demon beast approaching near her.

“I’m sure they’re not there.”

There was no sign of magical beasts within the range of Alise’s perception.

Perhaps the individuals of the magical beasts are strong, but they are not many in number.

“If possible, I’d like to go down to the lower levels while I still can.”

As it is, she walked around the eight-level for few minutes.

There were a lot of traps on the floor around her so she had to be careful where she stepped. TN: said “things” here and changed it to “traps”

“There it is.”

Alise found a staircase that led down to the lower9th level.

Fortunately, she was able to avoid getting into a battle with a magical beast.

Alise descended the stairs.

”I knew this was going to happen. ……”

Alise had a bad premonition before entering this floor.

However, she was hoping that this premonition would be dismissed, but it seems that the labyrinth was not that forgiving.


”There’s no mana here”

This was the ninth level.

Normally, the mana should be thicker than the 8th level. But on this level, there was no mana at all.

”The presence of the guardian of the labyrinth is strong.”

From Alise’s point of view, this labyrinths deepest part would be at the 10th level.

At this level, there was no mana inhibition, so she deployed search spells over the wide area, but nothing was detected.


“Is this something I can do alone …”

On the tenth level, in the deepest part, there was a guardian of the labyrinth.

She was very certain of this.

She could just end it here because Gilmas did not tell her to investigate the deepest part, but Alise did not want to just give up here.

“Well, let’s just do it,”

Alise explored the 9th level for a while.

She could wander around without worries because there no magical beasts.

”There it is,”

After a short walk, Alice found the stairs to the deepest part.

Once she was ready, Arise began to descend the stairs.

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