S Rank Adventurer Deported For Innocent Charges Chapter 71

“GAWRRRRR” TN: Gawr Gura lol

The OwlBear had not yet stopped roaring.

However, Alise’s attack had robbed it of the sight in its right eye and left it bleeding at its chest.

“Shall we continue playing?”

The corner of Alise’s mouth lifted into a pout.


Alise evaded into the bosom of OwlBear’s attack.

She stabbed the sword in the place where she had cut horizontally, and this time she made a vertical slice.


“Gurruuuuuuuu !!!!”

The OwlBear let out a loud roar.

And then it just collapsed.

Blood dripped from Alise’s sword.

As expected, a lot of blood was flowing from the OwlBear’s chest.

“It’s almost like a checkmate.”

The OwlBear had obviously taken a lot of damage.

It’s not like it was moving fast anymore.

It was at the level where it could barely stand up.

“Ho, you still have the energy to get up,”

Alise gave a dark smile.

Alise still had almost no damage.

This was the difference between the two.


“Well, let’s really finish it.”

Alice proceeded closer towards the OwlBear

However, the AulBear still showed fighting spirit.

Even if it was a demon beast, it is worthy of praise that it still kept it’s fighting spirit even in the face of such a difference in ability.

With that in mind, Alice repositioned her sword.


“This is the last time.”

Alise closed the gap between her and the OwlBear at once.

She swung her sword down at an angle and hit cleanly at the position of OwlBear’s neck.


It changed from a powerful roar to a slightly pitiful roar and fell to the ground.

And she was sure it wouldn’t get up again.

“It’s over. ……”

As expected, Alise was a little exhausted by this.

She took out a strength recovery potion from her magic bag and drank it all at once.

With this, she had recovered enough physical strength to battle again.

“It’s pretty alright.”

Recovery potions never really tasted good.

“Now, let’s get this guy’s nucleus.”

When she said that, Alise retrieved the nucleus of the OwlBear swiftly.

It was quite huge, it would surely fetch a high price.

She put the nucleus of the OwlBear in her magic bag and cast a purification spell on her sword to remove the blood.

“Let’s hurry up.”

Having been unexpectedly delayed, Alise continued her search for the eighth level.

After a few minutes, she found the stairs leading to the eighth level.

TN: Northwest Gas station up next 😛

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