S Rank Adventurer Deported For Innocent Charges Chapter 69

Alise stepped into the sixth level.

The concentration of mana had gone up further.

This would mean that the level of the demons would also be rising.

She wanted to avoid fighting as much as possible and quickly get to the next level.

However, Alise’s wish wasn’t fulfilled.

”You’re already here ……”

Three orcs appeared in the direction Alise was going in.


Alise deployed a hardening spell and gravity control spell on her own blonde vertical rolls.

At that time, she put her hand on the sword.

Orcs were slow to move but had a lot of power.

In other words, when asked where to compete, one would generally choose speed.

Alise was confident in her speed.



She closed the gap between them as soon as she drew her sword.

Her speed beyond that of an ordinary person.

First, she thrust her sword into the orc in front of her.

At this point, an orc’s fist flew in from behind, but she blocked the attack by directing her blonde vertical rolls towards it.

Then, she jumped back and made space between her and the orcs.


”Huh, you just realized that now?”

The corner of Alise’s mouth rose slightly.

Yes, at that moment, Alise had cut off one of the orc’s arms.

“Let’s go,”

Alise readied her sword.

Then she closed the gap again at once.

Swinging her sword to the side, she detached the orc’s head and body.

The orc died on the spot.

The remaining two orcs were killed in the same way.

Was it because of the experience and skills that Alice had cultivated that made her able to defeat the orcs so easily?


“Time to collect the nucleus”

Since these orcs lived with this much magic. The nucleus would also be more expensive than one from an ordinary orc

From there, she walked through the level for a few minutes.

Along the way, she did encounter some demons, but they weren’t as strong as orcs, so they were quickly dealt with.

“There it is,”


After walking for a while, Alise found a staircase that led to the seventh level.

She descended that staircase and stepped into the seventh level.

“This is awesome: ……”

Gilmas and the branch leader probably didn’t expect to get so much from this investigation.

But, well, it’s been tough.

Since no one had ever set foot in this area before, it was only natural, but it was far worse than the previous levels.

And the density of the mana was much higher than before.

If you didn’t have a certain amount of magical capacity, you were bound to collapse.

Magic power could not be held beyond one’s capacity.

Therefore, it was not advisable to stay for a long time in a place filled with mana that’s stronger than your capacity.

Whether it was a blessing or a curse, but because Alise still had plenty of room in her magical capacity, she could still feel strong mana, although this was not enough to make her collapse.

TN: I notice you Kirindas. Always saying thank you <3. Raws at 78, gonna add 2 more chapters

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