S Rank Adventurer Deported For Innocent Charges Chapter 68

Now, Arise was facing the floor guardian.

Pale white flames were emitted from its sharp beak.

As expected of a highly ranked designated guardian.

With this level at the fifth level, it was hard to imagine what’s ahead.


Alise evaded neatly through the flames by leaping backwards.

“This is tricky,”

In every world, flying enemies were a nuisance.

This one, at best, is a leap.

It’s a little bit of a challenge for even the most highly ranked adventurer to deal with an enemy that is floating in the air all the time.

Alise maintained a good distance from the guardian while drawing her sword.


”I think I get it now”

Alise got a general idea of the guardian’s attack pattern.

Except that this guardian can fly, the attacks themselves were not much.

So that meant…

“I’ll make you unable to fly.”


Alise raised the corners of her mouth in a grin.

She made a magical defence wall in front of her and rushed in without worrying about the guardian’s attack.

Alise swung the sword when the distance between her and the guardian was shortened


The floor guardian was knocked to the ground while roaring.

As it should have been, Alise had cut off one of the guardian’s wings in an instant.

‘Then I’ll cut off the other one as well.

Again, with a dark smile, the distance between Alise and the floor guardian shrank.

And by the time it had realised what was happening,it was already too late.

Alise’s sword had completely chopped off its other wing as well.

“Now you can’t fly anymore”

The corners of Alise’s mouth were slightly raised.

The floor guardian, whose only weapon was its ability to fly, had been knocked to the ground.

To be honest, it was a cruel sight to behold.


“Well, let’s finish you off,”

She said to the floor guardian, who lost its wings and still continued to spit fire.

Well, it didn’t understand human language.

From that point on, it was really a sight to behold.

A normal person probably would not even be able to see what happened.

Alise’s sword pierced into the guardian’s throat.

Then the guardian collapsed on the spot and did not move again.

Completely dead.


“Well, let’s just collect the nucleus, shall we?”

This was the nucleus of a floor guardian.

She was sure it would sell for a high price.

Alise dexterously took out the nucleus and put it away in her magic bag.


”Well, let’s head to the next level.

With that said, Arise descended the stairs and arrived at the sixth level.

Fortunately, there was still quite a bit of space left in the magic bag, and there was still plenty of food.

She wanted to proceed as far as she could before the end of the day.

Probably because this is Alice, things were progressing so quickly, which was beyond normal.

Gilmas was well aware of Alice’s nonstandard strength and specifically chose her for this mission.



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