S Rank Adventurer Deported For Innocent Charges Chapter 67

Alise found the staircase that led to the fourth level.

“Let’s keep going.”

The fourth level had even less mana.

She could immediately imagine what this meant.

Normally, mana was something that got thicker as you went deeper into the.

But there were exceptions.


“It’s awfully quiet, isn’t it?”

And it came with this tranquillity

Alise was convinced.

Walking through the fourth level, she saw no monsters in sight.

“This is going to be a bit tricky”

If there was nothing at the fourth level, then there was a high probability that there was a guardian at the fifth level.

Guardians are monsters created by the maze to protect the maze.

They were incomparably stronger than ordinary monsters.

And in order to create these monsters, a large amount of mana was needed.

Therefore, mana from the 5th level is not enough, and it uses mana from the 4th level as well.

Therefore, no demons are generated at the fourth level.

For adventurers, it was a precious level where they could rest in the labyrinth.

Very occasionally, a demon may wander in from a different level, but it was relatively easy to defeat.


From there, she explored the area for a few minutes.

She didn’t come across a single demon during that time.

There were no demons on this level after all.

“There it is.”

After searching, Alise found a staircase that led to the fifth level.

Carefully, she descended the stairs, paying attention to her surroundings.

The fifth level was much smaller than the other levels.

The guardian must have taken most of the mana and it was unable to maintain its size.

“So there was a floor guardian after all.”


When she descended the stairs, a guardian was set up to block the next staircase where she could see it.

The guardian was probably designed to activate when someone came withing a certain range

The guardian was not responding because it was still far from where Alice was standing.

“Well, let’s do it.”

 Alice cast hardening magic and gravity control magic on her blonde vertical rolls.

Then, she gradually approached the floor guardian.

When the distance between Alice and the guardian was less than 10 meters, the floor guardian began to move slowly.

It seemed she had entered the guardian’s detection range.


It looked like a large red and orange bird, which was horrifying to watch.

It was emitting something like flames from its mouth.

This was indeed a labyrinth that was suited for an S-rank adventurer

This 5th level won’t be an easy battle.



The floor guardian screeched loudly.

It was such a grating screech that a normal human would probably cover their ears.

However, such a thing would not work on Alise.

She stood there, completely unfazed.


Alise raised the corners of her mouth a little and got into a fighting stance at the same time as she put her hand on the sword in her waist.

TN: Well things got busy today, about 12:18 am here atm. We shall continue tomorrow

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