S Rank Adventurer Deported For Innocent Charges Chapter 66

The next day, Alise woke up early in the morning.

When she opened the window, the clear, cool morning air touched her face.

“Shall I go after breakfast?”

With that said, Alice rolled up her sleeves into her usual long coat.

Then, after an early breakfast, she left the inn.

From there, she headed directly to investigate the labyrinth.

She had heard about the location of the labyrinth from Klaus, the head of the branch and she also kept a map with her.

Would definitely be hard for her to get lost.

“Should be almost there.”

After a few minutes of walking, she was almost at her destination.

“So that’s the labyrinth I’ll be investigating, isn’t it?”

Once the desired labyrinth was in sight, she approached it.


“Only those with permission will  be allowed to go beyond this point”

At the entrance to the labyrinth stood a guard, like a gatekeeper.


Alise presented the request for the investigation, a pass and her jet black guild card from her pocket.

“I’m sorry! I didn’t know you were an S-ranked adventurer who was asked by the guild to investigate.”

“Of course. Would you step aside, please? And you’re too loud in the morning”

“Yes! Please pass by!”

Aside from that, she stepped into the labyrinth.

“It’s not really maintained, is it”

The road was not yet well maintained and all over the place is rough, as it was barely used



Alise proceeded to cast light magic to illuminate the area.

Perhaps because it was still the first level,  there were hardly any demons in the area.

“There it is”

Alise found a staircase that led to two levels.

She descended the stairs and continued onward.

“It looks like the mana down here is a little bit thicker”

Mana was the magical power that floats in the air.

This is the basis for the creation of demons.

There weren’t many threatening demons on the second level, either.

On the way, a wolf appeared, but it died when she kicked it away.

”Well, now here’s the real deal.


Alise found a staircase that led to the third level and proceeded down the stairs.

The mana was also thicker than before.

Then she saw a swarm of goblins coming towards her holding clubs.

Alice put her hand on the sword then she simultaneously deployed hardening magic and gravity manipulation magic on her blonde vertical rolls.

Just because they were goblins didn’t mean they should be underestimated.

Labyrinth demons were often stronger than normal demons.

Alise closed the gap between her and the goblins in one fell swoop, and she swung her sword to the side.

Then four goblins had their heads and necks cut off.

”I have five more to go.”

The goblins don’t seem to be attacking us, perhaps because of Alise’s killing intent.

Even so, since demons were all the same, she’d make sure to eliminate every single one of them


Alise swung her sword.

The remaining five goblins were also killed on the spot.

After confirming this, Alice still proceeded to the next level.



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