S Rank Adventurer Deported For Innocent Charges Chapter 65

Alise was walking around the city for some reason when she left the guild.

The first time visit to a city was interesting because of the various attractions.

“But there are a lot of adventurers here.”

All the people she had just passed were dressed as adventurers.

Looking at their equipment, many of them must be fledgeling adventurers.

They had been glancing at Alise’s equipment.

”It’s not that unusual, though.”

There were a number of single-edged swords in this country, and her coat was just an ordinary one with blade protection and magic resistance.

Well, it was a little pricey, so maybe it was hard for a fledgeling adventurer to get their hands on it.


”Huh? Isn’t that Alise?”

A familiar voice flew in from behind Alise as she was walking.

“What are you doing here?”

Alise turned at the voice.

“Isn’t that Asil? You look like you’ve been doing well”

There was Asil, who said he was going to the labyrinth city that day and left the royal capital.

“I’m fine, thanks to you. And my level has gone up.”

That said, Asil’s equipment had changed to something better than before.

Apparently, there was quite a lot of money to be earned here.

“It sounds like you’re working hard,”

“Yes, this is an adventurer-friendly city.

Asil seemed to like this labyrinth city.

“Sure, there are a lot of adventurers here.”

“By the way, what are you doing here, Alise?”

Asil asked

“Well I’ve been working for the Marquis for a while”

“No, you still do?”

“I have been asked to investigate a new labyrinth that has been created here.”

“Well, there is a new labyrinth here” – TN: dunno if this is supposed to be a question

Asil looked surprised.

“You know that I was certified S-ranked, right?”

“Yes, the guild announced it.”

“That’s right, the S-Rank certification gives you access to the S-Ranked Maze.”

High-rank labyrinths were left to people who had above-average abilities.

This was also requested by Gilmas because he had judged it would not be a problem for someone with her level of ability.

“It is a good idea to be careful. You don’t know what to expect in the labyrinth.”

“Thank you. Good luck with your work.”

“Yes, thank you.”


After speaking that much, Arise parted ways with Asil.

It was quite pleasant to reunite with an unexpected person in an unexpected place.

She thought Asil had already left the labyrinth city.

The fact that he was still here meant that he must have really liked this environment.

”Well, I think I have seen enough for today,”

Maybe because the city was geared toward adventurers, there were no particular attractions to look out for.

Alise decided to stock up for tomorrow’s dive into the labyrinth.

After buying all the essentials, such as food and drinks, she returned to the inn.

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