S Rank Adventurer Deported For Innocent Charges Chapter 60

There was a line of carriages at the gate for the nobility as well.

The time was dusk, and the number of carriages entering the city was increasing.

“Miss, how about staying overnight in this city today?”

 Erich spoke from the front of the carriage.

“Yes, that’s fine.”


 From there, the carriage moved slowly and finally, it was Alise’s turn to get checked

“This family crest seems to belong to the Marquis of the Kingdom of Merus. Excuse me, can verify that information?”

 The guard at the checkpoint asked Erich.

“Yes, no problem.”

 Erich took a piece of paper out of his bosom and presented it to the guards.

There, it was a letter signed by the Marquis, stating that the carriage was owned by the Marquis and is now rented to Alice.

“Okay, verified. Excuse me, can I see the IDs of both of you?”

 Erich presented a servant’s notebook provided by the kingdom, and Alise presented a guild card showing the jet-black S rank and a card with the family crest of the Marquis family.

”I’m sorry! Please, please pass!”

The guard saluted vigorously, stiffly and nervously.

“Departing, Miss”


At Erich’s words, Alise sat back in her chair.

“Is this city always so strict?”

Yes, people used to pose as nobles and enter through the gates, so now even nobles are checked.

It couldn’t be helped if that was the case, but it worked in their favour.

As it was, the carriage continued to advance through the centre of the city.

She felt some gazes on the carriage. Probably because it had the crest of the Marquis Family


“We have arrived.”

The carriage had parked in front of a luxurious mansion.

“What is this place?”

Alise was puzzled and got out of the carriage with Erich’s help.

‘This is the residence of the lord of the city of Kimze. The Marquis suggested we stay here when we passed through Kimze”

“Alright then”

“Let’s head inside”

Prompted by Erich, She stepped into the lord’s residence in Kimze.

“You must be Lady Alise and her attendant. We have been expecting you.”

A maid greeted her as she entered.

The Marquis seems to have informed them about her.

“Come this way,”

Alise and Erich were ushered into the parlour.

“Please wait here for a moment,”

“No problem”

Alise sat down on the sofa.

Erich stood behind Alise.

It seems that he knew his position as a servant

“I’m sorry to have kept you waiting.”

When the door of the parlour opened, a soft-spoken old man entered.

“No, please don’t mind me.”

Alise stood up.

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