S rank Adventurer Deported for Innocent Charges Chapter 6

Alise was surrounded by bandits, five of them.


There were some downed knights around her.


These bandits must be strong in their own right since they were able to defeat knights of the nobles.


”It’s now or never that you can talk without being reduced, girl.


The bandit held his sword prepared to fight.



‘You are the ones who have drawn your swords in front of me. You better be ready for it”.


Alise had completely transitioned into combat mode.




”How are you going to fight? You don’t even have a good weapon. … Don’t tell me it’s with that blonde hair?


“That’s right.”


At Alise’s words, the bandit burst into laughter.


‘Don’t get offended!’


Two of them came swinging their swords at the same time.


One from the front and one from behind.


”You’re too slow,”


Alise caught the sword behind her with a hardened, blonde vertical roll, catching the sword in front of her between her forefinger and middle finger.


As it was, she kicked backwards, blasting the enemy behind her for ten meters.


“What, my sword, it’s not moving.”


“looks like I grabbed it huh.”


“Well, that’s ridiculous. ……”


Alise blocked the sword for a moment, then took the bandit’s wrist and flung him as hard as she could.




The air in his lungs was forced out of his mouth by the impact.


Apparently, he’s passed out as it was.


“Do you guys want to play too?”


There were three bandits left.


Alise raised the corners of her mouth a little.


”Oh, of course!


The bandit said so, but the tip of his sword was rattling and trembling.


”What’s wrong with you shaking so much?”


Alise had a sardonic smile on her face.




The rest of the bandits attacked at the same time, swinging their swords wide.


She dodged them by leaping backwards.


In one fell swoop, Alise closed the gap between them and slammed her fists into the opening left by the two.


‘You need to be aware of your surroundings more.’


They fell on the spot and didn’t get up.


“All that’s left is you, okay?”


“You, who the hell are you?” ……


“You don’t need to know who I am.”


As she said this, Alise closed the gap and shot a kick to his abdomen.


“Ugh ……”


The bandit let out a pathetic groan and his consciousness was wiped out on the spot.





Yes, Alise muttered, when a well-tailored, dressed in a swallow-tailed suit alighted from the expensive-looking carriage.

The man bowed neatly to Alise and spoke to her.


”I am Rolf, I serve as the butler for the marquis of the Kingdom of Merus.”


“I’m Alise.”


“Thank you for saving us from this predicament.”


He said and bowed neatly again.



“Rolf, are you all right?”



A white-haired girl in a beautiful dress peeked out of the carriage.



“Oh, miss. It’s not safe to be out the carriage yet.”


“I wouldn’t worry about that. It looks like they’re the last of the bandits.”


Alise’s battle mode had been switched off.


‘Yes, that’s right. Hi, I am Alise Bate, a traveller.”


Alise Smiled when she said that.

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