S Rank Adventurer Deported For Innocent Charges Chapter 59

The next day, she woke up to a knock on the door by Rogel.

“Miss, it’s eight o’clock,”


She replied, and the door opened.

Alise looked at the clock and saw that it was exactly eight o’clock, right down to the second hand.

It was perfect.

“Good morning, Miss. The carriage from the Marquis has arrived. I’ve already prepared breakfast, so please have some.”

“Thank you.”

“Now, excuse me.”

Rogel bowed neatly and left Alise’s room.

“Alright then”

Alise rolled up the sleeves on her usual coat.

Looking out of the window, she saw a carriage parked outside

Moreover, there was a family crest of the Marquis family on the side.

Marquis Dion did it.

It really was a carriage.


After confirming that, Arise descended the stairs.

“Good morning,”

When Alise took her seat, Cecile laid out the food on the table.

“Thank you”

Alise had breakfast and prepared to head to the labyrinth city.

This would allow her to leave before noon.

“Then I’m off.”

“Have a safe trip.”

“Take care”

For the time being, she packed the food and other items for the trip into her magic bag, and after being seen off by Rogel and the others, Alise left the mansion.


“Marquis Dion ordered me to come up for you, Miss Alise.”

An elderly man in a swallow-tailed suit greeted her as she approached the carriage.

“Thank you. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

“My name is Erich, and I am the coachman.”

“It’s Alise Bate.”

Seems like he was the one the Marquis arranged to pick her up

“Then let’s get going. Come in.”

At Erich’s urging, Alise got into the carriage.

Alise wasn’t sure she’d be able to ever repay back the favours of the Marquis. However, she was really grateful to him.


“We’ll be leaving now.”

With the word from Erich, the carriage began to move.

As it was, they would go through the aristocratic district of the royal capital and exit the royal capital through the entrance for nobles.

As expected of a carriage with the crest of the royal family.

No-one stopped them

From here, it was a race against time.

They needed to be vigilant of their surroundings to some extent, however, this area was still a safe zone.

(Let’s get some sleep, shall we?)

The constant swaying of the carriage made her feel sleepy.

Alice, who had not been able to sleep well recently, lay down.

Since it was a suitably fluffy couch, it was unlikely her body would ache. Closing her eyes, she fell into a deep sleep.

After a while, the carriage came to a stop.

“I’m sorry to apologize for the delay, Alise. It seems that the checkpoint through the city is taking some time.”

“I understand.”

Alise sat up and rubbed her eyes.

She must have slept for two hours.

Even so, it’s strange to have proper inspection at an aristocratic gate.

No, this may be normal in the first place.


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