S Rank Adventurer Deported For Innocent Charges Chapter 55

A few days after the completion of the new adventurer training, a letter was delivered to Alise’s residence.

“My lady, you have a letter from the royal palace.”

With the letter in hand, Rogel came over.

“Thank you.”

Alise accepted the envelope and neatly opened the seal.

In the letter, she was asked to come to the palace. It also said that if she was unsure about being alone, she could bring Dion with her. Alise wondered if it was a good idea to treat the marquis of a country as a guardian, wouldn’t hurt to ask though.

When she visited the mansion in person, he replied immediately and agreed. They agreed to go tomorrow.

The next day, when Alise visited the Marquis’ house in the morning, he had finished his preparations.

“Thank you for taking the trouble to come.”

“No, that’s fine. At His Majesty’s request.”

Marquis Dion laughed.

A few minutes walk from the Marquis family, Alise could see the royal palace. There were guards standing in front of the palace, but when she showed them the pass enclosed in the letter, they let her through easily.

“Here, please wait for a moment.”

The attendant of the palace ushered her into the parlour.

It was still lavishly furnished as always.

After a few more minutes of waiting, the door to the parlour was opened.

“Have I kept you waiting?”

His Majesty entered.

Alise and the Marquis got up from the sofa.

‘Well, sit down. I called you here.”

“Yes, excuse me.

“Excuse me.”

They sat down on the sofa again after His Majesty sat down.

“You really brought Dion with you, didn’t you?”

His Majesty laughed.

“I was quite nervous to meet His Majesty alone.”

“Well, okay. I said you could bring him anyway.”

His Majesty grinned.

Did this king have any weaknesses of the Marquis?

I feel that the Marquis next door was more stiff than usual. Maybe it’s simply in front of the king.

 His Majesty cut out.

“Let’s get to the main subject”


“The other day I received a report from Dion that Alise had been attacked by soldiers from another country. Believing it to be credible, I sent a letter of complaint directly to Mullen.”

It was quite a feat for His Majesty to write a letter in person.

Well, he couldn’t have soldiers from other countries attacking his citizens.

” Thank you.”

“There’s no response from them yet, but I’m sure they’ll do something about it.”

I think there was a hint of anger in his voice.

Well, no wonder His Majesty was upset.

“There should be no direct threat from the Mullen Kingdom for now”

“I apologize for the inconvenience.”

Alise bowed her head.

“No, don’t worry about it. You’re an important S rank adventurer to this country after all. And here’s the other thing.”

His Majesty had more things to discuss

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