S Rank Adventurer Deported For Innocent Charges Chapter 54

It had been several months since Alise left the Mullen Kingdom.

Since then, several requests to return arrived, but Alise brushed them all aside.

“I’m sure you know what you’ve done, and you’re just saying that because I’ve been sick.”

King Mullen had called the Duke of Basler.

“Yes? I have no idea what you’re talking about”

The Duke of Basler may be planning to avoid responsibility, but the world wasn’t that easy.

“I have received a letter of complaint personally from the Kingdom of Merus.”

King Mullen took the letter and showed the text to the Duke.

“I hear that they may have evidence as well?”

The letter detailed how Basler’s minions drew their swords in another country and attempted to kill Alise.

“I’m not sure how …… I could order such a thing.”

Duke Basler’s eyes were completely glazed over.

“I guess I’ve been underestimating you because you’re my brother.”

King Mullen had his head in his hands.

Was this the limit of his patience?

The military has lost momentum and casualties have increased since Alise had left.

It was a good thing that a new chief of staff was appointed, but he was utterly useless.

Although he did not support Alice, let alone the leader of the army, there were criticisms from aristocrats around the country for expelling Alise.

In this way, you can understand how much Arise had been contributing to the military power of the country.

“Does Alise Bate refusing to return mean you have to go and start trouble in another country? Why don’t you think a little bit more before you act?”

King Mullen was furious.

“But that woman is guilty of ……”

When the duke said that much, the king glared at him.

“It also says that you framed her?”

The king was pointing to the letter.

“It’s a lie. Are you going to believe a woman like that?”

“But the letter says that –I affirm as the King of Merus-. I don’t think that the king would send me a false letter?”

The king’s assurances meant that if there is a mistake, the state would take responsibility for it.

They don’t send information that cannot be easily discredited.

King Merus was also famous for his righteousness. Therefore this letter of complaint had immense power.

“Do you have an excuse?”

“It’s ……”

The duke’s words were stuck in his throat.

“If not, fine. Just go back.”

The king decided that it was useless to talk about it any longer.

“My brother, you’re a complete mess. ……”

King Mullen sighed loudly.

At this time, the king was thinking of stripping the Duke of Basler of his dukedom, dismissing his son from the position of chief of staff.

However, he knew that it would not solve everything.

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