S Rank Adventurer Deported For Innocent Charges Chapter 50



[Alise Bate]

A former military strategist for the Kingdom of Mullen.

However, Duke Basler didn’t like the fact that she was the chief of operations and falsely accused her of war crimes and had her imprisoned and deported.

Then she went to the Kingdom of Merus

With the help of the Marquis and many others, she is now an S-ranked adventurer.

She has white skin, good looks, and blue eyes.

Her proud blonde hair, which reaches to her waist in a vertical roll, can be used as a weapon.

Her fighting skills are also second to none.

Her tone of voice sometimes takes on a dual persona of young lady mode and battle mode. She is not aware of this fact


【Duke Basler】.

He was the one who drove Alise into exile.

He opposed the appointment of a woman, Alise, as military chief of staff until the very end.

However, the army that Alise left has been in decline and is troubling him.



Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the Kingdom of Mullen .

Head of the judiciary.

He was in league with Duke Basler and drove Alise into exile.

As long as this guy is at the top of the judiciary, there is no future for the Muiren Kingdom.



He is a member of the Marquis family of the Kingdom of Merus.

He is always polite and dressed in a butler suit.

He is 57 years old.

A perfect butler who is good at his job.


[Sophie Odin]

The eldest daughter of the Marquess of Odin.

She has white hair that reaches to her waist and clear blue eyes.

She was rescued when she was attacked by Alise.

17 years old.


[Dion Odin]

The Marquis of the Kingdom of Merus.

Although he is a high-ranking nobleman, he is a very warm-hearted person, which is rare these days.

His white hair is cropped short and he is tall.

He is very grateful for the help of his daughter, Sophie, and cares about Arise.

He has done so many things for her, like advising the king and arranging the mansion for her .


[Elmer Horn]

Guildmaster of the Kingdom of Merus.

He is the chief executive of the guild headquarters.

He is 56 years old and has a head of grey hair, but has a stocky physique.

He recognized Arise’s abilities and suddenly made her start at A rank.

After that, he imposed all sorts of unreasonable demands on her, but he still has absolute trust in her



The owner of a weapon shop in the royal capital of Merus.

It’s a small shop, but it has a wide range of products, and when it comes to weapons, there’s no one better.

Rumor has spread that Alise’s favorite sword was bought here, and the shop is said to be thriving.

It seems that they are going to open a second shop in the near future.



The boy who Alise rescued when he was being pressured by a group of misfits.

He wanted Alise to train him and she did…. for like a day.

Asil, who was trained by Arise, is training to further improve his abilities in the labyrinth city.


[Mullen Kingdom King]

He had put his trust in Alise, but due to his poor health, he left the politics to the duke and the Chief Justice, and the country is now in serious trouble.

He severely regrets banning Alise and wants to recall her.

Unlike the Foolish Duke he is someone who understands a little bit of what is going on.


[Famille Odin]

She is the wife of the Marquis and mother of Sophie.

She wears her white hair up to her waist in a half-up bun.

She was informed by a letter from the Marquis that Alise had rescued her daughter.

She is currently looking after the mansion of Mystan in place of the Marquis, who is on his own.

She is the lord’s wife as well as a good mother.


[Raoul Merus]

The 38th King of the Kingdom of Merus.

He is a good king with a gentle nature and is loved by the people and nobles alike.

He is the one who certified Arise as S-ranked.

Hearing about Arise’s case, he was thinking about how to get along with the Kingdom of Murren.



He is a member of the Bate family.

He is always dressed in tails and has a head full of grey hair.

Age 57.

He is an experienced and perfect butler.

In fact, he has an A-grade adventure qualification and is as skilled as Arise with his sword.

It’s hard to believe that he is just before 60 years old.



Her shoulder-length silver hair is pulled back in a ponytail.

She is 23 years old with flaming red eyes and white skin.

She is the same age as Alise.

She is dressed in a classic black and white maid’s outfit.

In fact, she is a combat maid with excellent fighting skills, and her abilities are said to be the best in the maid guild.



One of the A group of new adventurers in training.

A representative aspect of the women’s team.

Uses a bow as a weapon.



A member of the New Adventurer Training A group.

A reserved personality.

Uses magic as a weapon.

Mainly support magic.



A member of the New Adventurer Training A group.

An active personality.

Handles a spear as a weapon.



One of the new adventurer training A group.

He is the leader of the men’s team.

He uses a sword as a weapon.



A member of the New Adventurer Training A group.

He is calm and cool.

Uses magic as a weapon.

Mostly offensive magic.


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