S rank Adventurer Deported for Innocent Charges Chapter 5

The next morning, Alise woke up a little before noon.


‘I’ve slept a lot,’


Maybe it was because she had rested properly, but her body felt a lot better.

Alise washed her face and went down the stairs.


‘”Good morning. Can I have breakfast, if you don’t mind?”

“Of course”


The innkeeper replied generously and accepted the single silver coin that Alise offered him.


She sat down in the same seat as yesterday.

She was in a daze as her food was brought to her

‘Here’s your breakfast’.

“Thank you.”


Breakfast was a ham sandwich, salad and iced tea.


“Thanks for the meal,'”


She slept well, ate well, and had regained a lot of energy in her face.

In no time at all, she had eaten her breakfast and drank her chilly iced tea.


‘Do you plan on going away now, young lady?


The innkeeper, who had come to clear the dishes asked.


‘Yes, I am thinking of going to the royal capital, sir.

‘Oh, right, to the right. There are rumours’ about bandits in the area, I have no idea how skilled you are, however, I still want you to be careful and take care of yourself

Of course, this wasn’t a problem. Even though she looks like this, she was still far stronger than those bandits

Alise stretched out her fully developed chest.


“Haha, I’m afraid that’s nothing be alarmed about for me.

But I do appreciate the advice.”


After finishing her iced tea, Alise got up.


‘Well then, thank you for your hospitality”.

“Oh, do come around if you ever come back. I’ll give you special treatment”.

“Thanks for the offer. I’ll be happy to oblige.”


It was a sobering reminder that not all humans were bad people when she came here.


Alise was walking in the direction of the royal capital when she left the city.

She was sure she’d reach it in a few days.


”Hmm, I might be able to see the royal capital faster if I pass through this forest.”


Alise looked at the forest in front of her and said.


‘Just in case, let’s activate Presence Detection.


Activating the skill ‘Presence Detection‘, she entered the forest.

It’s a very good idea to stay on one path else it was really easy to get lost in a place like this.


Alise was confident in her physical strength.

After all, she had trained in the army.


“Hmm, that’s…”


Alise saw a carriage stopped up ahead.

It was also quite richly decorated. it definitely belonged a noble…

Alise ignored it and tried to move on, but something felt to be wrong.


”ahh, the bandits. ……


Alise muttered with a sigh.


”I have no reason to help them, but it’s bad for my sleep if were to abandon them like this.”


Alise cast Enhancement magic on her body, Hardening magic and Gravity Control magic on her prized blonde vertical roll, and ran.


”This is terrible. ……”


By the time Alise arrived, the knight was bleeding from head to toe and had fallen.


The hardened blonde hair vertical roll was used to catch the bandit’s sword.

Alise had decided to use this blonde hair vertical roll for defence.

It would really make her uncomfortable if she used it for attacks.


”And who the hell are you? Did you come all the way down here just to be our prey?


The bandit lecherously smiled.

‘What? such a creepy face you have”.

“Don’t get cocky. We’ll play with you.

The bandit’s gaze fell on Alise’s chest.


“I dare you to try.”


Alise’s eyes lit up with anger.



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