S Rank Adventurer Deported For Innocent Charges Chapter 49

They only had to wait for a few minutes.

The food and drinks ordered were spread out on the table.

It was a bit of a party.

「「「「「 Cheers! 」」」」」

The sound of their mugs clashing against each other could be heard.

“It’s been a while since I’ve had a drink.”

Alise muttered.

These days, she couldn’t afford to have a drink.

But it’s a real pleasure to be able to enjoy drinking with everyone now like this.

”Oh my, I haven’t had a drink in a while.” said Rogel as he was stoking a mug of ale

His face was a little red.

seemed like he’s not a very strong drinker.

“Why are you so strong, Miss Alise? Female adventurers are in a weak position.”

Misa asked Alise while she was sipping her drink.

It’s true that they can get looked down upon just for being female adventurers.

Not really noticeable when acting as back-up or support, but if you’re fighting on the same front line as a man, it’s even more so.

In that sense, the position of a female adventurer would be weaker.

In fact, when Arise was certified as S-ranked, some of the noblemen who didn’t think well of it voiced their opposition.

It would be nice if His Majesty the King and the Marquis pushed those voices in, though.

”That’s right. I don’t want to speak too flippantly, but shall I tell you about my past?

“I’d be interested in that, too, miss.”

Rogel said.


Alyce began to speak.


Alise was born in the Kingdom of Mullen and raised in a prominent family there.

It’s a bit of a connection that allowed her to join the military, even at a time when it was difficult for a woman to enter the military.

However, there were those who didn’t think well of the fact that she got into the military because of their connections.

That’s why she worked so hard.

Her knowledge of swordsmanship, physical skills, and combat, she worked harder than anyone else.

Of course, it is said that it is aesthetically pleasing not to show effort.

After a few years, there will come a time when the effort is recognized.

She stood out to those who were watching her

The Commander of the Army has advised His Majesty.

With a single command from His Majesty, Arise was selected as military chief of operation.

From that point on, Mullen Kingdom didn’t know the word “defeat”.

Yes, until that time.


Was is that because she was a woman and she held the position of Military Chief of operations.  or was it that Arise was too conspicuous for her excellence?

She was antagonized by some.

That’s when the foolish Duke of Basler’s turned his attention to her.

He falsely accused her of war crimes and deported her.

However, as they say, if there is a God who discards, then there is a God who picks up.

This is how she could get by in the kingdom of Merus without discrimination against her gender.

It’s also thanks to His Majesty and the Marquis.

“Well, that’s basically it”

When he said that much, she stoked the fruit wine at once.

”wow… that’s terrible. Mullen Kingdom was it?”

Chigusa asked.

Everyone else kept their eyes down.

“I’ve made it sound somehow depressing, haven’t I? But we’re having fun now.”

Alise laughed.

“But if you’re the ex-military chief of operation, it might explain why you’re so strong.”

“Right. It’s amazing.”

Misa and Amelie also opened their mouths.

”So, it doesn’t matter if you’re a woman or a man, it all depends on your efforts in this adventurer’s world. You just have to work hard and make them accept it.”

When she said that, Alise drank even more.

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